Blue Wave Crashes

PUBLISHED: 4:04 PM 7 Nov 2018

Washington Post Admits ‘Win For Trump’

Even the highly liberal Washington Post has conceded that the blue wave failed, and all the promising democrats supported by Hollywood were totally unsuccessful.

The president stepped in and made sure that Coast Guard personnel were paid for December.

In a weird commentary, the Washington Post has called the election a win for Donald Trump, despite the small margin the democrats have assumed over control of the House of Representatives.

The bottom line is that there was no blue wave.

In a historic election, where democrats were expecting to win big, they didn’t.

Basically, liberals have under-performed in comparison with the historical markers prevalent in the midterm cycle.

The president’s party has historically lost 37 seats in the House on average in midterm elections when his approval is below 50 percent, but that simply didn’t occur.

In fact, the meager house seats liberals did pick up do not provide the talking points they were expecting.

Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams and other leftist superstars, who poured loads of money into campaigns, did not prevail.

Even the Washington Post admitted that President Trump is an asset to the GOP, and has energized voters.

Trump and his allies have an appeal that the elites in New York and Hollywood cannot dismiss or combat. All of the 2018 Democratic heartthrobs lost. That must sap the enthusiasm of the resistance. For the most part, when voters had to decide, the angry left was rejected and Trump was rewarded.”

Many people understand that Trump’s “appeal” has nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with the fact that he is a real person who is keeping promises.

They don’t like billionaires trying to manipulate the public consciousness, and they are sick of being told they must conform to politically correct idiocy so someone’s feelings don’t get hurt.

Yet, the win for Trump does not discount the fact that the next two years will see the House try to thwart every single boon that has already occurred under this president.

These democrats will fight tooth and nail to stop all progress, job improvements, immigration reform, and other benefits to the American way of life.

Many people predict that they will bring impeachment charges, investigate the entire cabinet, and generally do their best to bog up a system that had just begun to work in a positive way for the economy and United States citizens.

Many people hope that the final counts will reveal a different story and the so-called democrat win will not be as large as expected…