Corruption Origin

PUBLISHED: 7:31 PM 31 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 4:22 PM 2 Sep 2018

Was Nellie Ohr Grazing The Intelligence Database In 2015?

Darrell Issa says Bruce Ohr testified his wife started working for Fusion GPS in 2015, not 2016 as alleged. Evidence suggests that wasn’t a slip of the tongue. During that time she may have been Stefan Halper’s ‘handler.’

All of these crimes were committed against American citizens by Barack Obama’s secret police.

Bruce Ohr’s wife worked to “find dirt on Trump” and try to make connections “with the Russians,” Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Ca.) asserted, “since 2015.” Officially, Nellie Ohr didn’t start working for Fusion GPS until March or April of 2016, so most people chalked what Issa said in a Fox News interview up to a simple slip of the tongue and didn’t think much more about it.

“Sundance,” a contributor to conservative media outlet Last Refuge, noticed that if it’s not a mistake and she did start working for Glenn Simpson in 2015, a lot of other pieces of the puzzle fall neatly into place. “The origin of almost all of the corruption seems to consistently circle back to the abuse of the FBI and NSA database which is very much documented,” he writes.

When you put the pieces together, Nellie Ohr may have been Stefan Halper’s “handler,” interfacing directly between the intelligence “contractor” planted in the Office of Net Assessment intelligence unit and Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, to “graze” through classified security data at will using unauthorized access.

A recently unsealed FISA court document concerning a hearing held only days before the election in 2016 reveals that the FISA court was learning for the first time about how “widespread” the “illegal spying” was.

All of these crimes were committed against American citizens by Barack Obama’s secret police. Is there any department of government that isn’t involved in the Obama administration conspiracy to frame President Donald Trump? It apparently doesn’t look like it.

The report shows that intelligence “contractors” were using the highly sensitive intelligence database like it was Google. Between November 1, 2015, and May 1st, 2016, thousands of search queries were processed with a “non-compliance rate” of 85 percent, the report states. In other words, only 15 out of every hundred searches were legal.

If we assume Nellie Ohr was working with Glenn Simpson on his stop Trump campaign in 2015, which has been relentlessly confirmed to have been bankrolled by Hillary Clinton’s campaign, there is an excellent chance her name could be lurking under the black magic marker lines in the redacted 99 page report as one of the “contractors” abusing the search privileges.

Nellie Ohr didn’t necessarily need to have her own fingers on the keyboard. Thanks to whistleblower Adam Lovinger, the public learned that a close friend of the Ohr’s, Stefan Halper, was one of those contractors.

Security analyst Yaacov Apelbaum reports in an extremely in-depth report that “Nellie Ohr knew Stefan Halper since at least 2000. Nellie Ohr also worked in the MITRE Corporation with Halper’s son Marin Halper for six years from 2002-2008.”

Sean Bigley, who is Lovinger’s attorney, relates, “as it turns out, one of the two contractors Mr. Lovinger explicitly warned his ONA superiors about misusing in 2016 was none other than Mr. Halper. It was a topic of conversation within the office. What is Halper doing, and why is he being paid astronomically more than others similarly situated?”

ONA Director Jim Baker “kept Halper’s contracts very close to the vest.”

Inside the redacted 99 page report is the underlying evidence outlining how the National Security Division of the Justice Department, in tandem with the FBI and the NSA, “informed the court that unauthorized access to the NSA/FBI database had been ongoing for a long period of time.”

More importantly, the unauthorized access “was primarily driven by contractors who had access to the information database and were using it in 2015 and 2016.” John Carlin, head of the NSD “resigned in 2016 immediately after informing the court.”

More and more evidence is mounting that these illegal database searches were done by “groups and individuals affiliated with Fusion GPS and other political networks,” Sundance writes.

Putting the Christopher Steele dossier under the microscope shows correlations between “those contractor database queries and downstream results,” Sundance notes. For instance, the information in Steele’s dossier regarding Michael Cohen’s trip to Prague could only have come from that database.

Ohr confirmed, according to sources familiar with his hearing testimony, that he told his “peers” about his contacts with Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson but not his superiors, which may be an attempt to preserve “plausible deniability.”

He was demoted from his deputy attorney general job for not advising his immediate boss Sally Yates and other top officials about his work with the dossier.

Also in the close knit group with the Ohr’s and Halper was Andrew Weissmann. In April of 2017, the high ranking DOJ attorney met with four reporters from Associated Press rumored to be working in collaboration with Simpson and Steele.

A month later, he was appointed as Robert Mueller’s lead attorney on the Russia collusion inquisition.

The Daily Caller News Foundation who initially reported the story, notes, “the information from the meeting, which was essentially based on research provided by the ‘reporters’ about Paul Manafort, was then later used in the formation of the underlying evidence against Manafort to gain a search warrant.”

As the incestuous tale unwinds, it appears that what we are looking at suggests Russian speaking Nellie Ohr teamed up with Stefan Halper to search the joint intelligence community database of things captured by routine surveillance to find leads for Christopher Steele to run down and include in his dossier.

Once the scandalous but unfounded information was gathered, it was leaked to reporters. The reports were then used to give foundation for the make believe fantasies to make them seem solid enough to justify wire taps on American citizens like Carter Page.

The first time the circular flow of information from Simpson and Steele to Bruce and Nellie Ohr, the press, and then to Weissman, the FBI got a Title-I FISA warrant on Page. A second time it was used by Mueller to get a Title-III search warrant against Paul Manafort. Are there more?