Warren Attacks 1st Amendment

PUBLISHED: 6:24 PM 30 Jan 2020

Warren Supremely Ignores Hypocrisy, Vows To Make “Disinformation” Illegal

Not only is this claim ridiculously hypocritical, it is also an assault on the First Amendment, which makes no distinction between fact and fiction.

Make no mistake, this is a direct assault on the First Amendment. (Source: Elizabeth For MA YouTube Screenshot)

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who tried to make everyone believe she was a Native American and actually benefitted from the lie for decades, is now vowing an attack on the First Amendment of the United States, and would make it “illegal” to spread “disinformation” online.

Forget the fact that Warren’s claims are completely hypocritical, the First Amendment—which protect free speech—DOES NOT make any distinction between fact and fiction. Opening the door to this sort of control would destroy one of the fundamental liberties Americans enjoy.

Basically, Warren is saying people are too stupid to find out the truth for themselves, so as a democrat President, she would decide what “truth” is, and make sure that the little people aren’t confused with potential lies…

The Daily Wire reported:

The Massachusetts Senator, who has fallen to a distant third place in most polls, announced her blockbuster plan in a tweet.

“Disinformation and online foreign interference erode our democracy, and Donald Trump has invited both,” Warren said, ostensibly referring to reports that Russia engaged in a misinformation campaign online ahead of the 2016 presidential elections. “Anyone who seeks to challenge and defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 election must be fully prepared to take this on – and I’ve got a plan to do it.”

“I will push for new laws that impose tough civil and criminal penalties for knowingly disseminating this kind of information, which has the explicit purpose of undermining the basic right to vote,” she added in a press release titled “fighting digital disinformation.”

The plan, like most of Warren’s plans, is expansive, and involves forcing social media platforms like Facebook to “label” and approve content before its allowed to spread on social media — essentially giving them the editorial power of prior restraint on news organizations — and “create clear consequences” for any account that interferes with voting.

She would also force Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other organizations to share their algorithm and allow users to opt-out of being targeted.

Most importantly, though, Warren would “push to create civil and criminal penalties for knowingly disseminating false information about when and how to vote in U.S. elections,” and put a national security expert in charge of sniffing out and punishing those who spread such information, essentially creating a national “bureau of truth.”

And don’t think being anonymous will save you if President Elizabeth Warren is dismayed at what you say online. She would “establish rules around information and data sharing to ensure that platforms can share with each other and with the government while respecting individuals’ privacy,” essentially giving the government the power to unmask accounts believed to be creating trouble, and even force platforms and service providers to turn over pertinent information when asked.

The entire plan would involve a public-private partnership, in fact. “A coordinated push to address disinformation will be far more effective than isolated efforts. When companies share information — to the extent allowed under privacy laws — they can better identify cross-platform disinformation campaigns and alert law enforcement officials of threats. This coordination will help identify and remove fraudulent accounts, deter the spread of disinformation, and rein in illegal activity.”

So, essentially, anyone who knowingly spreads this ‘disinformation’ would be subject to legal action.

It seems incredible to me that people can actually discuss this sort of Nazi-like control of speech like it’s a legitimate idea.

The only way this is a legitimate idea is if we no longer plan to exercise personal liberty and are willing to surrender our freedoms to a democrat-controlled state that decides all information.

Basically, democrats are determined to ban free speech, because they know they cannot compete with logical debate, and must make it illegal to report on any of their crimes. Consider Joe Biden’s recent orders to the new media that they call his extortion of the Ukraine a “conspiracy theory.”

Would Warren make it illegal to post videos of Biden bragging about it? How about Clinton’s numerous scandals… since Judicial Watch is fighting to find the evidence of FBI, CIA, Obama and ilk corruption, would posting speculation be a crime? The list goes on and on.

You see the problem.