Why Did You Lie?

PUBLISHED: 6:41 PM 18 Feb 2019

Warren Heckled In Front Of Meager Crowd As ‘Liar’

Elizabeth Warren was heckled and seemed to lose her concentration during a town hall event when a protestor screamed out “why did you lie?”

Warren can't seem to outrun her own lies, or cope with being called out on them.

Democrat 2020 hopeful Elizabeth Warren can’t seem to escape her Native American past. During a town hall event that attracted a meager group, one protestor seriously discombobulated the candidate.

In Lawrenceville, Georgia on Saturday, a heckler yelled out “Why did you lie?”

“Hold on,” Warren responded. “We’ll get to lots of policy, I promise. Okay?”

As the man continued to shout, Warren’s voice crackled as she told the man and the crowd to “Be easy! Be easy!”

Many people wonder exactly which policy lie Warren thought the man meant. Was it her creation of the highly objectionable Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, which was really a way to funnel taxpayer funds to Obama’s propaganda machine?

Or, perhaps she thought the man was referring to her support of a billion dollar casino, killing the small town that had worked hard to get it.

Or, maybe she thought he was referring to her ‘mistakes’ on her federal tax return.

She “wrote off a total of $190,734 in charitable deductions, records show. And they claimed donations for clothes. The pair wrote off $2,545 in 2014, returns show, after they gave what they reported as clothing originally purchased for $50,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters and Dress for Success.

“Now Warren’s campaign has corrected that value downward after the Herald inquired about it. A spokeswoman said the couple made a mistake on the 2014 tax returns, saying the actual original value of donated clothing that year was about $8,000. But she insisted that error didn’t affect the amount the couple ended up paying.”

Of course, the protestor was referring to her whopper about being a Native American.

The man was reportedly holding a sign that read ‘1/2020,’ which referenced Warren’s disastrous DNA test that showed that she was potentially between 1/64th and 1/1024th Mexican, Colombian, or Peruvian.

Warren’s claim that she has Native American ancestry has been highly problematic for her since there is no way for the media to spin it or ignore it away.

Two weeks ago, it was revealed that Warren had claimed “American Indian ancestry in her application for the State Bar of Texas, according to a new report documenting the previously undisclosed example of Warren claiming American Indian ancestry.”

The form actually shows her signature.

“Warren filled out the card by hand in neat blue ink and signed it,” The Washington Post reported. “Dated April 1986, it is the first document to surface showing Warren making the claim in her own handwriting. Her office didn’t dispute its authenticity.”

“The Texas bar registration card is significant, among other reasons, because it removes any doubt that Warren directly claimed the identity,” the Post added. “In other instances, Warren has declined to say whether she or an assistant filled out forms.”

Watch the scuffle below: