Civil War Monument Vandalism

PUBLISHED: 11:38 PM 8 Mar 2018

War Monument Vandalized, Branded With Antifa Symbol

The battlefield is where 58 Confederate soldiers’ bodies were left after a Civil War battle.

South Mountain Battlefield is a site of historical importance for the Civil War. It is heartbreaking that Antifa troglodytes decided they could damage the site for their own purposes.

Leftists in the last few years have destroyed or damaged a number of monuments, mostly related to the Civil War.  It seems that the leftists have decided that because (in their mind) the Confederate military was fighting for slavery, their monuments deserved to be trashed, no matter what the monument is.

In Maryland’s South Mountain Battlefield, there rests a monument for Confederate Soldiers from North Carolina.  Over the weekend, it seems like leftists and ‘Anti-Fascists’ decided that the memorial monument was ripe for vandalizing, and they took white and red spray paint to it, making sure to spray the ‘anarchist’ A on the flag.

Leftists have been destroying and defiling Confederate memorials around the country without any care to the history of the monuments, so it is not surprising that they would do so again.  This time, they defaced a statue of a Confederate soldier as he died, holding a battle flag.

The damage was publicized by the Friends of South Mountain Battlefield.

In North Carolina, Charlotte-area Civil War historical expert Rex Hovey suggested that the vandalism happened on Saturday night.

He also said that the nearby Garland Headstone, erected to honor Civil War Brigadier General Samuel Garland, was also vandalized by the leftists.

Hovey also said that he was “heartbroken” by the damage that ignorant leftists did to monuments to one of the turning points of the Civil War, and the first major Civil War battle that took place in Maryland.

The monument is not placed at Maryland’s South Mountain State Battlefield to honor the Confederates from North Carolina; it is there to apologize for the moral failings of the Civil War and the way it was waged and the man they hired to take care of the dead from North Carolina.

Forces from North Carolina fought in what is known as Fox’s Gap, until Robert E. Lee made the decision to withdraw from the South Mountain battlefield. A local farmer, Daniel Wise, who owned nearby Daniel Wise farm (where the Confederate soldiers had made camp) was paid to bury the slain Confederates.

Wise was paid a dollar a body to bury the deceased Confederate soldiers on or near his property.  Instead, he decided to dump at least sixty Confederate soldiers in a nearby well.

Of course, Wise pocketed the cash, and gladly so.

The monument was built to commemorate the terrible way that the bodies of the deceased were treated in a war that turned one American against another and that saw cruelty that would not be repeated for a century.

Fifty-eight soldiers from North Carolina were callously dumped into a well so that Daniel Wise could make quick money rather than doing what he was paid to do.

Antifa, who proclaim themselves ‘Anti-fascists,’ has a long history of defacing monuments of those that they don’t agree with.  They also have a long history of not knowing the history of the monuments they destroy.

For example, they were instrumental in destroying multiple Robert E. Lee monuments.

Robert E. Lee, a graduate of West Point, served as the Commanding General of the Confederate Army.  After the war, he refused to lead former Confederate soldiers in an insurgent war against the Union victors.  Instead, he dedicated himself to setting up a college in Virginia, which was one of the first colleges in the South to accept former slaves.

Of course, it’s not like Antifa seems to know much about history, or even the definition of their own name.

Antifa claims to be against fascism.  But their definition of ‘fascism’ appears to be ‘anyone to the political right of Barack Obama.’  Further, their tactics are violent and threatening… just like facists.

It was an Antifa Black Bloc that descended on UC Berkeley and rioted when Ben Shapiro talked, causing thousands of dollars of property damage, and they’ve done the same thing repeatedly since then.

They also don’t seem to know what ‘fascism’ is, because using violence and the threat of physical violence to prevent someone from speaking is extremely fascist.

Even more comically, many members of ‘Antifa’ claim to be anarchists (thus their use of the anarchist ‘A’).  To be specific, they claim to be ‘Ancoms,’ Anarcho-Communists.

Anarchy is a state lacking government.  Communism is a state with an absurdly strong central government.  The two are almost polar opposites.

Even the common political beliefs of ‘Antifa’ are absurdly ignorant.

It would be nice to see someone prosecute various ‘Antifa’ groups for the things that they’ve done, or for the way that they’ve destroyed monuments because they don’t like them.

After all, Republicans aren’t storming Seattle to tear down the statue of Vladimir Lenin.

Whoever vandalized the monuments should be ashamed, but as they are leftists and likely members of an ‘Antifa’ group, it’s likely they don’t even know enough to be properly ashamed.

Instead, they just showcase how absurdly extremist leftist organizations think that they can destroy monuments whenever they like, if the monument is an example of ‘wrongthink.’

They must be so proud of their bravery, vandalizing monuments in the middle of the night.