WaPo Threatens Women?

PUBLISHED: 4:34 PM 30 Jun 2020

WaPo Opinion Writer Say “White Women Lucky” ‘We’ Aren’t “Calling For Revenge”

This is a person who has a prestigious job, while hard working Americans can be fired for the merest 'like' that is somehow perceived ‘racist?’

Ignorant, bigoted, and hate filled... Washington Post. (Source: Washington Post YouTube Screenshot)

A Global Opinions Editor of the Washington Post, Karen Attiah, exposed herself as a racist and ignorant hater of “white women” in a tweet on Sunday, which has now been removed.

In fact, it threatens me.

Breitbart News reported:

Washington Post Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah wrote Sunday white women “are lucky” that  “[we] are not calling for revenge,” making her statement in a subsequently deleted social media post.

Attiah wrote:

The lies & tears of White women hath wrought:

-The 1921 Tulsa massacre

-Murder of Emmet Till

-Exclusion of Black women from feminist movements

-53% of white women voting for Trump.

White women are lucky that we are just calling them “Karen’s”.

And not calling for revenge.

The Washington Examiner‘s Siraj Hashmi captured the since-deleted tweet and shared it on Monday:

Deleted, but the List comes for all, @KarenAttiah.

✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 pic.twitter.com/BF92pyflyv

— Siraj Hashmi (@SirajAHashmi) June 29, 2020

Attiah later tweeted in French she regrets nothing:

“Non, je ne regrette rien”

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) June 29, 2020

[Of course she regrets nothing, she’s a liberal. ]

Same. Lol. https://t.co/tcNsP2BF6y

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) June 29, 2020

Attiah’s Washington Post profile states she “often writes on issues relating to race, gender and international politics, with a special interest in Africa.”

She holds a bachelor of arts in communication studies with a minor in African studies from Northwestern University and a master’s degree in international affairs from Columbia University.

Change and progress never comes through the dominant group being comfortable and dictating how they should be resisted.

Maybe you should read how civil rights progress actually has happened.

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) June 28, 2020

[Actually, you’d think that she would know that Christians and Republicans were responsible for the Civil Rights movement, as well as the Underground Railroad and other “progress” she’s apparently talking about.]

What people need to see in this newly formed @maureendowd /@SpeakerPelosi / @realDonaldTrump axis of shevil is that white supremacy relies on dismissing, silencing, and undermining women of color.

Putting them in their place by any means necessary.

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) July 14, 2019

But here’s the real thing about “Karen” memes.

The dark side to handwringing about how Karen” hurts white women’s feelings is that it is a distraction from how everyday white women uphold white supremacy through violence, aggression, and the weaponzing of their gender.

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) June 28, 2020

If you’re more worried about white women’s feelings than about how they uphold white supremacy… then…

Well, this is how white supremacy works. In real-time. https://t.co/8vMYvZINI7

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) June 28, 2020

Attiah was Jamal Khashoggi‘s editor at the Washington Post.

In response Jussie Smollett’s contrived “hate crime” hoax, Attiah tweeted, “Regarding the heinous attack on @JussieSmollett, yet another reminder that Trump’s ascendance and the resulting climate of hate has meant that lives have been increasingly at stake since 2015. Smollett could have been killed by those thugs screaming MAGA. Let that sink in.”

Perhaps readers should “let it sink in” that the opinions of the Washington Post are bigoted, ignorant, and idiotic.