Shoplifting Deterrent Becomes Racial Injustice

PUBLISHED: 1:52 AM 30 Jan 2018

Walmart Shopper Accuses Store Of Racism, Causes Media Firestorm

This is absolutely ridiculous, the store is just trying to protect themselves.

Gloria Allred is involved with this racism charge.

A liberal California woman believes she will win a racism suit against Walmart due to commonly shoplifted items being locked up, as cosmetics and electronics often are to prevent theft. Essie Grundy, however, is claiming that it is racist for ethnic hair care products to be “under lock and key” at a Walmart in Perris, California.

Walmart locations throughout the country have different policies regarding theft prevention to match the needs of the store, considering past theft incidents.

However, Grundy claims that she feels like a “second-class citizen” by being forced to ask an employee to get hair care products out of a locked case as if being treated like some sort of criminal. Social media is backing up her claims, calling such practices “racial profiling.”

Grundy is obviously not personally to blame for the selection of products which require additional security, but rather previous customers who have stolen certain items.

The angry Walmart shopper, however, is attempting to turn the store policy into a race war, claiming that only African American customers can buy the hair care items in question.

The lawsuit was apparently inspired by two different Walmart locations which have different items locked up. Grundy had reportedly bought small combs at a different location, however, when attempting to purchase the same product again at the alleged racist Walmart, found them to be in a locked glass case.

Infuriated, Grundy demanded that the store manager discontinue such a security practice, to which the manager refused, rightfully fighting such politically correct behavior.

She hired activist lawyer Gloria Allred to defend her in a press conference which quickly turned a discussion on racism. Grundy is demanding an apology, monetary compensation, and that the store discontinues such ‘racist’ practices.

The story went viral on social media, with users demanding that the store lock up all hair care products or none at all, regardless of which are most frequently stolen.

One user said, “It’s like if your racist uncle became a store,” about the retail chain.

Grundy posted a video online of the hair care aisle at the Walmart, where she has requested assistance from an employee in having one of the cases unlocked to purchase a product.

She appears confident in her claim that she is onto a noteworthy case of “racial profiling at its best” while she ironically turned the corner to capture footage of the unlocked product display of what she called “Caucasian products.”

It is obvious in such claims who is the racist party in this case.

The store was arguably within its right to implement such a policy after repeated shoplifting offenses occurred. To do nothing would mean continuing to lose money and Walmart had to ensure that none of the thieving customers were able to continue such violations against the store.

While Grundy claims that the products were selected due to the supposed intended users’ “complexions,” the store continues to insist that the policy was not intended to be racist in nature but alternatively sought to solve a legitimate problem that the California location was facing.

Walmart continues to stand its ground, however, is cooperating in court, and claims to be looking into the matter further. The corporation has not indicated that they will allow the pressure to force them to remove the policy, though.

It is unfortunate that any of Walmart’s customers felt targeted, however, the policy was implemented out of repeated cause and effect necessity.

Focusing on the hair care products also fails to consider all of the other items that are locked up throughout the many other secure cases in Walmart stores, along with other retailers.

Stores independently determine which items are high-theft risks based on frequency, value, and size. This often results in products such as electronics, razors, or any small items which can be easily pocketed.

More importantly, the Walmart corporation is very welcoming to diversity in its patrons and employees. Spokes Charles Crowson claimed that “discrimination of any kind” is not tolerated at any level of the retailer. Each store is encouraged to meet the unique needs of the demographic it serves.

However, the corporation has profits to consider nonetheless, and each store is permitted to implement whatever policies it determines necessary to prevent theft.

The social media outcry can be heard from users throughout the country, however, the incident arguably only occurred at one store. Considering that it was California, however, it is expectedly going viral from the left.

The attack on capitalism is disgusting, however, it is refreshing to see a massive chain such as Walmart defending its right to business success.