Washington At War

PUBLISHED: 5:49 PM 11 Jun 2020
UPDATED: 6:38 PM 11 Jun 2020

Walls, Weapons Needed: Portland Militants Copy Seattle One Day After “Warlord” Takes Control

The state of Washington’s big cities have been controlled by ‘enlightened’ democrats for years… and now they are reaping the whirlwind.

Ridiculous. (Source: Blair Stenvick Twitter Screenshot)

One day after food shortages and a “warlord” took control of the occupied “zone” in Seattle, militants in Portland are attempting the same coup.

In fact, these “areas” are being barricaded by “walls,” and insurrectionists (like democrats of 1860) are seeking weapons and ‘guards’ to maintain hold of their territory.

The District Herald reported:

One of the leaders of the Portland version has also already been accused of sexual assault and threatened to commit suicide after admitting that they are a “serial abuser.”

The Portland militants began setting up their “autonomous zone” late Wednesday evening using barbed wire fences. Apparently, walls and fences are no longer racist.

Protesters are setting up their own fencing at 3rd and salmon. Just heard someone yelling “autonomous zone!” pic.twitter.com/S0eipuDVDG

— Blair Stenvick (@BlairStenvick) June 11, 2020

Lol they’re stabilizing the fencing with duct tape pic.twitter.com/mi9s1ALlUM

— Blair Stenvick (@BlairStenvick) June 11, 2020

Portland Police have been attempting to discourage the construction, but were being ignored as of 11:30 p.m. local time.

“PPB says there’s criminal activity occurring in crowd, tells nonviolent demonstrator to leave. They sound not pleased by the new fence!” Portland Mercury reporter Blair Stenvick tweeted.

PPB says there’s criminal activity occurring in crowd, tells nonviolent demonstrator to leave. They sound not pleased by the new fence!

— Blair Stenvick (@BlairStenvick) June 11, 2020

It seems people are figuring this new zone out in real time. Talk about which direction the fence should be going. pic.twitter.com/BI4bHNOKxF

— Blair Stenvick (@BlairStenvick) June 11, 2020

In Seattle, six square blocks surrounding the abandoned Seattle Police Department East Precinct have been under the control of militant leftists for several days.

Within the first 24 hours, an armed Airbnb Superhost named Raz Simone took control of security operations and has been accused of using violence in multiple livestreamed incidents. He has been accused of running the area like a “warlord.”

“While Washington is an open carry state, there is no legal right for those arms to be used intimidate community members,” Seattle Assistant Police Chief Deanna Nolette told KOMO News.

[As her voice dies out in an echo chamber, since police are doing nothing.]

There are also allegations that Simone’s team have been extorting local businesses in the area, demanding $500 protection fees.

“We have heard anecdotally of citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate within this area, this is crime of extortion,” Nolette said.

Simone has denied the allegations saying there’s “definitely no extortion, definitely nothing of that,” adding, “we’ve invited people to come in.”

The chaos caused by the autonomous zone has impacted how police can respond to calls in the city.

“Right now, we are on priority calls only, which means the people, city wide who need a police response are not receiving it,” Nolette said. “That to us is just not acceptable.”

The “warlord” isn’t their only problem, Nationalist Review reports that according to at least two exes and one current partner, the “trans lesbian” leader of the autonomous zone has repeatedly abused the women that they’ve been with.

One of the leader’s previous partners wrote, “I’m her ex. Even if she isn’t doing it consciously, she has done things like this on multiple occasions, including assaulting [people], and, despite acknowledging she’s in the wrong, has refused treatment. She has threatened suicide numerous times. She’s not being gaslit.”

Another former partner explained that just recently the leader had physically and sexually assaulted them, saying “You punched me in the f***ing face a few days before you shoved me off the bed for making a sh*t joke. I constantly push your hands away and tell you to stop touching my chest. One time I told you to stop and you cried and got all depressive.”

There are also reports that they are running out of food and having problems with theft, leading to them seeking more security.

Breitbart News reported on the need for “guards” to help defend the occupied territory of Seattle:

Antifa is reportedly seeking armed volunteers to take turns manning barricades and holding ground that protesters have seized within Seattle city limits.

The Gateway Pundit reports Antifa set up an “autonomous zone” that includes six square blocks they seized in Seattle. They are reportedly “advocating for ‘folks with firearms’ to take shifts defending the barricades” around the six blocks.

This was Seattle last night, after Seattle PD abandoned what’s being called the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.”

Without police, the zone has turned into a peaceful George Floyd memorial filled with art, positivity & love.

Let this be a reminder– police are the real instigators. https://t.co/RXGzvG2TH1

— CODEPINK (@codepink) June 9, 2020

[Oh yeah, except for the stealing, violence, and warlord who has taken control.]

Medium reports the alleged seizure of the city blocks was followed by a list of 30 demands for the City Council and Seattle Mayor.

The first two center on abolishing the Seattle Police Department.

Demand one states:

The Seattle Police Department and attached court system are beyond reform. We do not request reform, we demand abolition. We demand that the Seattle Council and the Mayor defund and abolish the Seattle Police Department and the attached Criminal Justice Apparatus. This means 100% of funding, including existing pensions for Seattle Police. At an equal level of priority we also demand that the city disallow the operations of ICE in the city of Seattle.

The second demand is “no guns, no batons, no riot shields, [and] no chemical weapons,” be used against protesters during the “transitory period” in which the police department is being dismantled.

The list of demands are followed by a statement: “Although we have liberated Free Capitol Hill in the name of the people of Seattle, we must not forget that we stand on land already once stolen from the Duwamish People, the first people of Seattle, and whose brother, John T. Williams of the Nuu-chah-nulth tribe up north was murdered by the Seattle Police Department 10 years ago.”