PUBLISHED: 11:01 PM 14 Jul 2017

Waffle House Left In Tears As Celebrity Donnie Wahlberg Leaves 4-Figure Surprise


The servers are beaming because Donnie Wahlberg just left them a whopping $2,000 tip. Some of them were so happy that they began to cry.

Fans cheered after New Kids on the Block crooner Donnie Wahlberg left a massive tip at a North Carolina Waffle House.

It’s awesome to see someone give some of his wealth back to society. Forced charity, like what’s often advocated by left, is a dirty practice in comparison. No one should be coerced into providing for someone else, but every reasonable person admires generosity.

Waffle House employees don’t make a lot of money, but many work hard and they’re all doing honest labor. Most people don’t have the chance to live a life like the one that Wahlberg is live. And that’s okay, he shouldn’t feel guilty.

Voluntary good deeds are significantly more powerful than forced ones.

“My mom waited tables, and my dad tended bars– for years!” Wahlberg wrote on Facebook. “So, when I walk into a #WaffleHouse, and the staff treats me like a king, you better believe I treat them like queens! Thanks to the team at @wafflehouseofficial Charlotte, NC! ❤️”


Wahlberg is a great guy, and a natural celebrity. He happily posed and chatted with fellow Waffle House diners during his meal. Everyone at the restaurant had a great time.

The star posted a picture of his receipt, showing that he left servers $2,000 on a $82.60 bill. The servers were so overjoyed that many began crying when they heard what happened. The money might represent a small fraction of Wahlberg’s net worth, but just one-quarter of the money might represent an entire paycheck for a server.

“Our sweet waitress was still shaking as she delivered our coffee,” Allison Kalama, a fellow diner with Wahlberg, told CNN.

Another diner, Cindy Higashi, said: “They were screaming and cheering! It was very gracious and generous of him to leave such a great amount.”

Celebrities are held to high standards. Kids idolize them; adult men and women envy their lives. We imbue our celebrities with positive personality traits and it shocks us when we’re proven wrong. Wahlberg, however, appears to be a genuinely nice man.


The New Kids on the Block star is known for his generosity. He gifted a fellow diner with backstage passes to see his concert and told her to invite her mother. Earlier this month he tipped $500 to three Waffle House employees.

The star has been on a Waffle House kick for the past few months. He visited an Ohio location earlier this month.

“Another night … Another @wafflehouse!” Wahlberg tweeted from the parking lot.

“I know him to have a huge heart and incredibly generous with both his time and affection,” Kalama gushed. “And apparently now his wallet as well.”

Wahlberg not only live-streamed the servers’ happy reactions, he took pictures and selfies with restaurant-goers who asked.

“He was just relaxing with his entourage,” said Kalama. “He told us to sit at the next booth when he was eating.”

Too many stars have bad attitudes. Being followed by the paparazzi and fans all the time must be annoying, but some celebrities seem to forget that they owe their sizable fortunes and enviable careers to their fans insatiable appetite for them. If the paparazzi stop taking pictures of you it’s either because you’re either going to extreme lengths to avoid them or you’re no longer famous.

People magazine reported in June that Wahlberg left a $500 tip for three servers in Maryland. His generosity was even more apparent during his North Carolina Waffle House trip. According to his Facebook, he a gifted a diner with backstage passes for her and her mother to see New Kids on the Block.


Wahlberg constantly treats himself to Waffle House.

Who gets tickets and brings their mom? Only Jasmine!” Wahlberg says in a video which garnered 11,000 comments in seven hours.

According to the Charlotte Observer: “The video goes on to include comments on the food, stories of tour pranks and reminiscences of his youth. Wahlberg says he was ‘the good son’ in the family, never out stealing cars, fighting, ‘robbing things, going to jail.’” (That could be a reference to his equally famous brother, Mark Wahlberg, who had a series of arrests starting at age 15.)”