Trump Triggers By Winning

PUBLISHED: 6:34 PM 23 Dec 2019
UPDATED: 2:48 PM 24 Dec 2019

Voting For President Trump Led To These Major Accomplishments

Liberals hate President Trump with an unholy passion based on idiocy because the president is rolling out one major accomplishment after another.

Logically speaking, this non-pc, cunning, loud-mouth Yankee is doing a splendid job! Thank you Mr. President! (Source: WaPo YouTube Screenshot)

Many ignorant leftists hate and despise President Trump. Usually, this is based on the “four legs good, two legs better”-style buzzwords and chants that the propaganda media produces, like ‘he’s a racist,’ he disrespects women (appointing the first female CIA Director aside), and my personal favorite, ‘he’s in Putin’s pocket.’

Of course, these accusations are typical, because evidence shows that liberals always accuse their opponents of the crimes they actually commit… and most ‘liberal voters’ are completely and utterly uninformed about facts. They base their idiotic hatred on ‘feelings,’ which to them are paramount.

That’s why so many leftists are caught assaulting conservatives. Leftists don’t think that anyone has a right to an opinion that is different from theirs, and they don’t think there is any difference between a physical assault on a person and an ‘assault’ on their ignorant sensibilities… which is how they justify beating up elderly people or attacking anyone wearing a MAGA hat.

However, if a person looks at the president’s accomplishments WITHOUT emotion or indoctrination, and logically examines them, he or she would be forced to concede that Donald Trump is decidedly one of the most effective presidents in history in promoting the welfare, safety, and happiness of American citizens.

Conservative Treehouse compiled a list of President Trump’s most recent accomplishments, and I’m adding a few more:

  • Tax cuts and regulatory reform (Oh, and a new report from the Wall Street Journal has shown that these tax cuts, which democrats fought so hard against, have actually helped American workers tremendously.)
  • USMCA trade agreement negotiated and passed
  • Mexico halting illegal migration flows
  • New central American amnesty agreements
  • Border wall under construction
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower and stabilized fuel costs
  • Highest blue collar wage gains in decades
  • Largest resurgence of manufacturing jobs in 50 years
  • Korea-US trade agreement (KORUS)
  • S-Japan trade agreement; U.S-China trade agreement (phase-1)
  • Withdrawal from Trans-Pacific multinationals (TPP)
  • Dissolution of Paris climate treaty; approval for ANWR energy development
  • Five new gasoline refineries
  • S. energy independence
  • S. world’s largest producer of energy
  • LNG energy exports
  • Elimination of excessive federal regulations
  • SNAP reforms
  • 5% unemployment
  • Largest employed U.S. workforce in history
  • 150,000 employer registrations to U.S. trade-skills apprenticeship
  • Seven new industrial steel manufacturing plants
  • Low and stable 1.5% inflation
  • Highest GDP growth amid industrial nations
  • Highest consumer confidence in decades
  • Highest small business confidence in decades
  • 3 million jobs available (JOLTS)
  • One year net employment gain 2.4 million workers
  • Two Supreme Court justices
  • No new wars
  • NATO countries stepping up defense financing
  • Troops coming home
  • Pay raises for military (third in a row!)
  • VA Choice created
  • Right-to-try legislation passed
  • U. S. embassy in Jerusalem
  • North Korean hostages released
  • ISIS destroyed, caliphate dismantled
  • Al-Bagdadi dead

Not to mention that he gives his quarterly salary away and has transformed the judiciary, which will have a lasting impact on securing the freedoms we take for granted. Truly, thank God for this man, who did not have to become a target of evil, but decided to help America by winning the presidency.

Thank you, Mr. President. We are grateful for everything you’ve done, and will do over the next five years.