Texas Official Resigns

PUBLISHED: 4:48 PM 28 May 2019
UPDATED: 4:48 PM 28 May 2019

Voter Rolls ‘Wrongly Questioned’ Leads To Resignation

Although there is absolutely no doubt that illegals and others who are not authorized to vote in Texas, did indeed vote in the 2016 and 2018 federal elections, the liberal contention of the roll purges have led to the resignation of acting Secretary of State David Whitley.

Acting Secretary of State David Whitley has resigned.

The acting Texas Secretary of State, David Whitley, abruptly resigned on Monday after reports claim his office wrongly questioned the citizenship of certain voters.

The move comes after bombshell reports showed that in the 2016 and especially the 2018 federal election, illegal voters in Texas exceeded thousands.

Likewise, undercover video showed Texas officials encouraging illegal aliens to vote in the federal election, prompting a number of investigations.

Whitley was nominated by Governor Greg Abbott in December, but democrat obstructionists in the state Senate refused to confirm him to the position.

“Working alongside the employees in the secretary of state’s office, county election officials, and representatives of our #1 trading partner, Mexico, has been my distinct honor and privilege,” Whitley wrote in the letter obtained by the newspaper. “And to have your trust in doing so goes beyond what I ever dreamed of as a kid growing up in a small South Texas community.”

Abbott will need to name a replacement, but that person won’t likely be confirmed until after the 2020 election because of the current recess.

The Hill reported:

All 12 Democrats in the Texas Senate blocked Whitley’s confirmation through the legislative session over the botched voter purge.

Whitley’s office early this year launched a botched review of the state’s voter rolls, saying officials had discovered as many as 95,000 non-citizens registered to vote and sending lists of names to county elections officials for review and purge.

Within days, the secretary of state’s office backtracked on the announcement after discovering that its original list was not properly vetted and included thousands of citizens.

A federal judge, however, ruled in February that there was not widespread voter fraud in Texas and called Whitley’s review a “mess.” U.S. District Judge Fred Biery ordered Texas officials at the time to stop removing people from voter rolls.

Biery was nominated by Slick Willie (Bill Clinton), and issued the order, many people argue, from a biased opinion.

The fact that Texas voter rolls are in ‘a mess’ is the direct result of democrat open borders and voter fraud policy. One Mayor in Texas has already been arrested over his illegal scheme to get elected, and who knows how many others manipulated the election process?