Motor Voter Failure

PUBLISHED: 9:28 PM 7 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 10:10 PM 7 Sep 2018

Voter Registration Failures At California DMV’s Raise Questions About Illegal Immigrant Voters

There were at least 23,000 voter registration failures at the California DMV. The state promise that there were no illegal immigrants who got through, though they won't say how they know.

Voter registration failures at the California Departments of Motor Vehicles led many to wonder whether illegal immigrants managed to register to vote, even if by mistake.

Many, mostly those on the political right, have questioned the reasoning behind California’s ‘Motor Voter’ laws, which allow people to register to vote when they register for their driver’s licenses. One of the big reasons that people have been so worried about it is that California, as one would expect given the state’s hard-left stances on almost every topic, provides licenses to illegal immigrants.

According to Monica Showalter and other sources like the Sacramento Bee, the state of California processed 23,000 inappropriate voter registrations. However, even though the state has no way of knowing whose registrations were accidentally processed, they’re absolutely sure that there were no illegal immigrants in the list… they say. The state ‘accidentally’ screwed up at least a ‘mere’ 23,000 registrations and their own registration system, apparently just like Barack Obama’s IRS ‘accidentally’ targeted conservative groups.

The problem, according to officials with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, occurred within the state’s Motor Voter program, and stem from ‘technicians’ toggling between multiple screens and the information from the attempted registration being improperly merged.

The agency first learned of the issue on August 5.

Afterward, they supposedly went through 1.4 million records, and allegedly ‘narrowed’ the problem to 23,000 inappropriate registrations that had been sent to the Secretary of State’s office.

Those residents will soon (hopefully) receive a letter from the DMV, apologizing to them for the error, which the letter admits was caused by their failures, and informing them that the error was made in the first place.

However, the question which the Bee doesn’t seem interested in asking is how the state government can be sure that no illegal immigrants were registered via Motor Voter.

As the paper mentioned, the DMV, with the help of democrats in the state of California (who control both chambers of the state’s legislature, as well as the governorship), narrowly avoided an audit concerning Motor Voter and other issues.

It seems strange to most people that the leftists in the state would not want to audit the upper-level management that allowed something like this to happen, or to find out precisely who created this failed system.

Showalter suggests that this, combined with the claim that there were no illegal immigrants registered (which comes with no evidence of any sort other than the word of government bureaucrats in the state), does not engender trust.

Nor does the fact that the state, which is essentially run entirely by one political party (the democrats), suddenly decided to hand over power concerning voter registration to the DMV, ‘suddenly’ had complications with voting.

The narrow avoidance of the audit, done entirely thanks to the help of the party that stands to gain the most if illegal immigrants somehow vote in local and/or national elections, is also an issue.

Then, of course, there’s the issue of people having their voter registration switched by the program, or the more than 100,000 people who signed up only to find out that they were switched to having no party affiliation listed.

Through it all, it seems like the press has been less than willing to ask serious questions about the hard numbers, why it seems that most of the failures or ‘errors’ were in the favor of the state’s democrat party, or how the state can say, with any degree of certainty, that no illegal immigrants were able to register.

Could this be just some sort of attempt by the leftists in California to allow ineligible voters to have their say, in hopes that they can undermine Donald Trump and keep sending leftists like Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein to national legislature?

California under the political left has numerous issues, including absurd debt loads, ‘infrastructure’ projects that are far over their budgets, and a long history of working to pass absurd laws, like one currently under discussion that would force private businesses that operate in the state to hire a certain number of women for their boards.

A great way to make sure the state and its various executive and regulatory agencies are acting properly and within the confines of the law is, of course, to audit such groups.

Yet, in a state filled with leftist politicians, run by leftist Governor Jerry Brown, that kind of inspection apparently can’t be allowed.

So, citizens are left to wonder whether their votes will be diluted by people who crossed into America illegally, but many who are more than happy to vote for progressive candidates and the promise of free stuff thanks to abuse of Motor Voter legislation and practices.