Report: Emission Testing On Monkeys

PUBLISHED: 10:26 PM 31 Jan 2018

Volkswagen Under Fire, Reports Of Emission Testing On Monkeys

The company claims they are doing everything to find out what happened.

German car manufacturers have been caught gassing monkeys and people.

The automobile company, Volkswagen, suspended their chief lobbyist in response to horrific reports on Tuesday. Unjustifiable acts were taken during the emissions testing.

The public discovered that the company was supporting tests which exposed monkeys and humans to lethal gasses. Test subjects were submitted to conditions enduring toxic diesel fumes.

Chief executives and industrial leaders have condemned these practices as repulsive and immoral. The officials claimed to have learned of the abhorrent tests from media outlets and promptly moved to dismiss the lobbyist.

The largest automobile manufacturing group in Europe, Volkswagen was found to be funding the organization European Research Group on Environment and Health in the Transport Sector (EUGT). Not the only German based automobile company to contract the group, Daimler AG and BMW have been accused of funding the research as well.

The European car companies have been struggling with their emissions in recent years. In 2015 reports were released about a computer program designed to cheat the emissions test found installed on vehicles.

Volkswagen apologized for cheating the United States diesel emission tests and vowed to make drastic changes to ensure such breakdowns in trust would never happen again. Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller made a statement late on Monday lamenting the methods used by such a facility.

Chief lobbyist, Thomas Steg agreed to step down the next morning. In charge of the tests conducted by the EUGT, Steg knew they were gassing monkeys and he did nothing to stop it.

Prior to his removal, Steg announced the company does not condone testing on animals. He declared the company will rule out all animal testing in the future.

Internal emails identified the tests were to be kept from top officials and board members. Certain senior managers were made aware of the experiments within the technical development branch and Volkswagen of America.

Not only were monkeys being exposed to diesel exhaust, a larger test was exposed which brought people into contact with nitrogen dioxide. A common gas found in fuel emissions, 25 people were exposed to different amounts of the gas for a total of three hours.

A common fuel found in gasoline exhaust, the test was intended to study health effects of the chemical within workplace environments.

The experiments were conducted in 2014 after a report described diesel exhaust as carcinogenic. Volkswagen approved emission exposure to small monkeys and unwitting test subjects with the goal of defending diesel exhaust.

The study was concluded last year. Although the specifics of the report are not available, people aware of the ghoulish experiments hinted the results did not bode well for the diesel industry.

The German car industry has invested heavily in the diesel business. Industry leaders have discussed making a coordinated switch to the electric car if diesel emissions continue to plague the industry.

German cities have come together to ask car manufacturers to do a better job regulating air pollution. In a bid to control environmental pollution, the government has asked these corporations to take greater steps in lessening the carbon emissions.

While a decline in diesel sales could lead to a loss of jobs, the German government seems willing to capitalize on the atrocities in order to push a liberal agenda. Trying to avoid any references to Germans and gassing people, the government seemed almost eager to move the conversation towards climate change.

The German government did announce they will look staunchly into the matter and provide personal accountability. The kind of treatment endured by test monkeys and people is inexcusable and calls for justice.

Germany is part of NATO and has signed the Geneva Convention. Gassing citizens is a human atrocity on par with Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. Germany remains part of the European Union, a trade bloc that breaks down national borders and allows for greater globalism throughout the continent.

American car companies such as General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler denied and condemned the actions of testing on humans or animals.

Without conducting unethical business practices, President Trump has continued to revitalize the American car industry. Bringing factories and plants back to the United States, multiple companies from multiple nations have decided to produce their vehicles in America.

Making America great again, the president has waved a magic wand and brought jobs to many Americans. Unemployment has hit a nearly two-decade low and shows no signs of slowing.