Fake Hate Crime

PUBLISHED: 9:40 PM 10 May 2018

Virginia Teen Charged After Investigators Expose Hate Crime Allegations As False

She was charged with making a false police report following an investigation into claims that she was attacked by an armed black man who called her a “terrorist.”

Just recently, investigators discovered that a 13-year-old Muslim girl falsely reported that she was the victim of a hate crime (pictured above).

Last month, an unidentified 13-year-old Muslim girl in Woodbridge, Virginia claimed she was the victim of a hate crime after a ‘black male’ armed with a knife randomly attacked her and called her a “terrorist.”  

After looking into the situation further, however, investigators discovered that she had made the whole thing up. They have consequently filed charges against her for lying to authorities about the crime. Shockingly, though, despite faking that a black person attacked her and exacerbating the racial divide, she has not been charged with a hate crime herself. 

According to reports, the girl told police officers in Prince William County her attacker, who she said was a black male, walked up to her while she was walking in the area and started cursing at her. He then allegedly grabbed her arm, brandished a knife, and called her a “terrorist.”

She claimed he tore off her headscarf and covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream. The supposed attack stopped moments later, though, when someone drove by and saw what was happening, purportedly causing the man to flee.  

Disturbed by the alleged attack, local law enforcement officials promptly launched an investigation to try and figure out who attacked her. During their investigation, though, they were shocked to learn that she had completely fabricated the incident.  

“A school resource officer and detectives were able to determine that the victim falsely reported the alleged encounter with the unknown black male and that no altercation had occurred,” explained Officer Nathan Probus, a police spokesperson, while speaking to reporters about the situation.

As a consequence, the girl, whose case is being handled by the juvenile justice system, was charged with “knowingly giving a false report to law enforcement.” Confusingly, though, she wasn’t charged with, nor are activist groups like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) demanding she be charged with, a hate crime for blaming the attack on a black person when this would have almost certainly happened if she weren’t Muslim.  

In addition to worsening our country’s racial divide with her utter lie, she also hurt the effort to combat actual hate crimes. The investigation into her false report took up valuable resources that could have been allocated elsewhere.  

Dealing with false police reports, though, is relatively unusual for officers. Typically, they deal with instances of actual violence.

For example, several weeks ago, law enforcement officials in Tampa, Florida were called to a Wingstop after a customer, later identified as 42-year-old Robert Williams, and several employees got into a violent altercation that broke out after Williams, who felt like he was being mistreated by the staff, threw a cup of soda at them from the other side of the counter.

According to reports, after he threw the soda, an outraged employee hopped over the counter and confronted him. According to the Tampa Police Department, Williams was the one who threw the first punch and escalated the situation. Williams, however, has repeatedly insisted that he was the one who was attacked.

At some point during the fight, which eventually spilled outside, a third employee, later identified as 31-year-old Eddie Tignor, ran out of the back of the fast food restaurant carrying a container full of hot grease and proceeded to pour it onto Williams’ back, severely burning him in the process.

Once the hot grease was poured on him, the fighting ceased. A short time later, paramedics arrived at the scene and took the badly wounded man to the Tampa General Hospital. In addition to the paramedics, officers with the local police department also arrived at the scene. Shockingly, though, they did not make any arrests.

Despite this, however, Steve Hegarty, a Tampa Police Department spokesperson, told reporters that his agency has “recommended that prosecutors file a charge of aggravated battery against the employee.” Due to the fact that Williams, who has made it clear that he plans on suing, may have been the one to escalate the situation, it is possible that he may face charges as well.

And just prior to that, law enforcement officials in New York 36-year-old Daniel Bosquez for repeatedly striking another person’s car with a wooden baseball bat during a frightening road rage rampage that was caught on video.

Violent attacks against others must not be tolerated. However, lying about violent attacks should not either. Hopefully, the 13-year-old girl will be held fully accountable for her actions to deter others from making up similar lies in the future.