NC Gun Defiance

PUBLISHED: 5:16 PM 18 Jan 2020

Virginia Movement Spreads: NC Sheriff’s Deputy Will Not Defy Constitution

Kester explained that he will not enforce any state laws that order him to violate his oath to the constitution.

Tripp Kester is going viral with his stance for the Second Amendment. (Source: Uncle Sam's Children Twitter Screenshot)

In Virginia, citizens and law enforcement personnel are standing up to unconstitutional gun control laws that seek to disarm law-abiding citizens and make it easier for criminals and insane killers to find victims.

Now, a sheriff’s deputy in Davidson County, North Carolina is standing up for his citizens too. He vowed that he would not enforce any “unconstitutional” gun laws, if passed by the state.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Davidson County Sheriff’s Deputy Tripp Kester told the Davidson Board of Commissioners this week that he supported a Second Amendment resolution to protect gun rights and that he “swore an oath” to protect the United States Constitution.

He added that as a law enforcement officer, he would not enforce any law infringing upon the right to bear arms.

“The Constitution needs no explanation. It’s been enforced for several hundred years now,” said Kester. “It says what it means, it means what it says. And the last time I read the Deceleration of Independence, it specifically reminds all of us that we’re endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, which means God-given, among these life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and that government’s were instituted among men specifically to secure our God-given rights.

“I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but regardless of what y’all do, I’m not going to enforce an unconstitutional law,” Kester continued as applause broke out in the room. “Let’s let these people know that we’re here to support them, and we’re not going to allocate any personnel, finances, resources, or facilities to infringe on their liberties.”

For all those asking about the Police Officers who stand by their oath, here is Deputy Tripp Kester’s speech in Davidson County NC .

— Uncle Sam’s Children (@UncleSamsNation) January 16, 2020

The pro-gun rights resolution, introduced by Commissioner Zak Crotts, was passed by the board unanimously and follows similar resolutions adopted in Virginia and Kentucky, which state that no law officer will infringe on the citizens right to keep and bear arms.

Second Amendment sanctuary resolutions have been adopted in more than 100 Virginia counties as the Democratic majority in Richmond is set to pass monumental anti-gun legislation.