No Postmark For Ballot?

PUBLISHED: 5:47 PM 29 Oct 2020

Virginia Judge Rules On Counting Ballots After Election Without “Postmark”

Basically, democrats demanded that boxes full of “ballots” be counted after the election, even though they aren’t mailed in?

What? (Source: KPAX TV YouTube Screenshot)

On Wednesday, a Virginia judge ruled that absentee ballots that arrive AFTER election day and don’t have a postmark may not be counted. Although it seems like a common sense decision, the fact that liberals actually demanded this shows just how desperate they are to keep counting until they have enough.

Just The News reported:

“These absentee ballots will not be counted if it cannot be confirmed from the Intelligent Mail barcode that the ballot was mailed on or before the date of the relevant election,” Judge William W. Eldridge IV wrote.

The judge also said that ballots with illegible postmarks should count provided that the oath on the envelope has been signed either on or prior to the date of the election.

The ruling came in a case regarding the Virginia Department of Elections’ guidance to allow the counting of mailed absentee ballots that are missing a postmark and ballots that have an illegible postmark when they arrive following Election Day but prior to noon that Friday.

The complaint alleged that the move represented a conflict with a Virginia Code that allows for counting ballots that are postmarked on the election date or sooner and are received after polls close Election Day but prior to 12 p.m. on the third day following the election.