Twitter Violence

PUBLISHED: 9:15 PM 1 Oct 2018

Violent Hashtag Tops Twitter ‘Suggestion’ List

Although the social media site has claimed that it doesn't tolerate such hateful and violent rhetoric, the horrific hashtag is high up on the suggested tag list.

A violent twitter hashtag taking aim at a certain Supreme Court nominee is currently topping Twitter suggestion lists.

For the last few weeks, it seems that the left-wing media has been completely fixated, with laser-like focus, on one story, and only that particular story; the trials and tribulations of the confirmation process for Mr. Brett Kavanaugh. As more unfounded and uncorroborated allegations have been made, the coverage has become increasingly unhinged in many cases.

However, it seems that the partisanship surrounding the case has become far more pronounced than many could guess, given that Twitter is now ‘auto-filling’ the word ‘kill’ to ‘#KillKavanaugh.’

Many people agree that the terrifying popularity of the hashtag is not only a resounding condemnation of our news media, but of leftist ideology in the United States in general, and given the fact that it is topping the sites ‘search suggestion’ list is both wrong and sick, Twitter should do something about it.

Twitter does not seem to be a fan of Brett Kavanaugh, a man who has spent years of his life serving the government, both in the George W. Bush administration and on the bench in Washington D.C.

Typing simply the letter ‘K’ into the search bar on the website results in ‘#KillKavanaugh’ being listed as the four option.

Adding a second letter, ‘I’, and typing ‘ki,’ brings it to the third recommended autocomplete suggestion.

Typing the full word, ‘kill,’ results in the horrific hashtag, which seems to be demanding the death of a family man and federal judge.

Although the offending hashtag has since been mocked and criticized on the social media platform, particularly for the double standard Twitter seems to employ when right-wing political figures are concerned, many of the original posts that used the tag seemed to do so uncritically and without a hint of irony.

Perhaps most interesting of all, several instances of the hashtag were removed by Twitter after users said they reported the offending tag, although there didn’t appear to be any punishment for the accounts that tweeted such a violent message.

Some of the users appear to have used the tag in a somewhat ‘metaphorical’ way, suggesting that they would like to ‘kill’ his chances to get onto the United States Supreme Court, or his career in general.

However, once again, this appeared to be an instance of the popular multimedia site being extremely charitable when leftists were involved.

Many people remember, this is the same organization that decided they had to silence James Woods, a Hollywood actor who dared to be right-leaning in his political beliefs, because he tweeted out a meme about ‘soy boys,’ and Jack Dorsey and his California pals decided that the meme could have managed to “impact an election.”

This is the same social media company that has banned users on the right who used similar, sometimes even less offensive (and less violent) hashtags.

Twitter has often shown sloth or reticence in responding to abusive or violent tweets that targeted conservatives and ‘right-leaning’ individuals.

Pamela Geller, the woman who sponsored the ‘draw Muhammad’ day festivities, saw her daughters targeted for abuse on the social media platform earlier this year.

In response, the social media organization did nothing, and many of the posts targeting the ‘Oshry sisters’ are still on the website, undeleted, and the users who pushed them seemingly unpunished.

In 2016, violent death threats tweeted against republican Senators, including hashtags suggesting that they should be shot, were left on the site for weeks (and then of course, there was a violent shooting of GOP members at softball practice), sometimes months, while ‘wrongthink’ content from people like video game developer Mark Kern or the ever-flamboyant Milo Yiannopoulos was taken down in short order (and their accounts suspended).

Kern had his account suspended earlier this month after he tweeted that he didn’t see why radical mosques in the United States should be exempt from NSA spying, while everyone else is having their emails collected by the federal agency.

His account was restored due to Twitter and media outcry, which should be expected when the site decided to censor the man who made some of the best-known video games of the last decade.

However, in the interim, other accounts with many fewer followers found themselves removed from the platform for tweeting similar statements.

Twitter has been accused of being politically biased for years, and it certainly doesn’t seem like those claims will come to an end any time in the near future.

Many of the social media sites, and ‘tech’ companies in general, seem to have developed a political monoculture, which they have continuously displayed in videos concerning the 2016 election or the way that people who dared to have differing opinions, such as James Damore, were harshly punished and removed from their jobs.

It seems like a tongue-in-cheek complaint about government spying is off-limits if it mentions extremist Islam in the United States, but Twitter is fine with a hashtag targeted to encourage violence against a federal judge going through an ugly and politicized confirmation process.