Antifa Protesters Start Fight

PUBLISHED: 7:59 PM 6 Mar 2018

Violent Clash Between Antifa Protesters and White Nationalists Leads To 24 Arrests

The squabble broke out at Michigan State University.

Anitfa protesters clashed with white nationalist at a Michigan State University campus Monday.

500 radical Antifa protesters stormed police lines in Michigan last Monday in an attempt to block a group of “Nazis” from attending a speech. The squabble resulted in 24 arrests.

Protesters became enraged when they learned that white supremacist Richard Spencer was delivering a speech at an East Lansing campus of Michigan State University. They camped out in front of the hall where Spencer was set to appear and menaced everyone who came out to support him.

Law enforcement predicted trouble and was present in large numbers before the event began. However, that didn’t stop protesters. They rushed through the police line as though the officers weren’t even there.

It’s reasonable to despise racism. However, Spencer wasn’t doing anything wrong by simply hosting an event. Free speech should be protected, especially when it involves unpopular speech.

Racism is already dying, Spencer only managed to attract a couple dozen supporters. The Antifa protesters, meanwhile, assembled hundreds. The protest would have been a lot less regrettable if it hadn’t turned violent.

The liberal protesters, about 30 of them, streamed past police and surrounded the Spencer supporters. They immediately resorted to violence. Their talk about diplomacy and peace is just that, talk. One demonstrator took his rage out on the police and shrieked: “F**king Nazi cops!”

Once the violence began, both sides indulged in it. Members of the Traditionalist Workers Party, a deeply conservative group with ties to white nationalism, were seen attacking multiple Antifa protesters.

“I am horrified by what happened outside. The cause of that violence is a group of people who go by the name Antifa,” Spencer said during his speech.

“They are nasty, nasty people and this is exactly what they want. And they want to blame violence on ‘Nazis’ or whatever nonsense they want to talk about. It is Antifa and only Antifa who are aggressive against anyone.”

His speech was delayed by more than half an hour because of the scuffle.

The protesters didn’t accomplish anything. If they actually want to combat racism, there are much better ways to go about it than attacking peaceful event attendees.

“No other group is treated with this kind of hostility,” Spencer complained in the speech. “It is only us. Precisely because we’re white. We’re the only ones showing the real crisis in modern America today. There is a silent war going on.”

Liberals have increasingly turned to violence to get their way. Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing defeat shook up the Democratic party, they’re searching for a new direction. Somehow violence became normalized.

“What happened outside was really worrisome and heinous,” Spencer said. “That was an attempt to use violence to prevent people from attending a speech that was peaceful.”

Capt. Doug Monette, a spokesperson for the Michigan State University police department, told reporters that arrested suspects were charged with crimes ranging from hindering and obstruction to unlawful possession of a weapon.

“I hope to send the message that we’re just not going to do whatever they want and step all over us. I feel like showing a presence out here today lets them know that we do indeed care,” Samantha Turner, a Michigan State student who attended the protest, said.

Omar Karim, another MSU student and protester, admitted that he would do it all over again.

“These are my friends and family and co-workers, my brothers and sisters, people I get coffee with. These are people who I walk my dog with. This is my community. And my community in here in our home, representing our home, fighting against fascist ideology,” he said.

Spencer keeps running into the same problem. His ideology is offensive to most Americans. Liberals have grown used to using violence to express their disapproval. During an August appearance at the University of Virginia, the fighting was so intense that a young woman was killed.

Michigan State officials tried to bar Spencer from speaking but eventually changed their minds. College campuses should be open to diverse thought.

Michigan State is wholly dedicated to freedom of speech, not just as a public institution, but as an institution of higher education,” university officials explained. “Here, ideas – not people – are meant to clash and to be evaluated based on their merits.”

The school was quick to point out, however, that it did not at all endorse Spencer’s views. Michigan State staffers behaved the way that the Antifa protesters should have. They rationally expressed their disagreement and nobody was injured.

“Nobody affiliated with Michigan State invited this small, hateful group, and I doubt they’ll find support. The remarkable accomplishments of our diverse community of scholars expose the fraudulence of their racist rhetoric every day,” Michigan State interim president, John Engler, said.