Squad Trashed

PUBLISHED: 3:51 PM 18 Jul 2019

Video Shows GOP Senator Making Hilarious Mockery Of ‘Squad

These Reps. are why there are instructions on shampoo bottles?

This is great.

John Kennedy, a GOP Senator from Louisiana defended President Trump on Tuesday night from the attacks that he’s somehow ‘racist’ for speaking the truth about the real racist four democrats of the so-called ‘squad.’

The daily Caller reported:

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy defended President Donald Trump from accusations of racism stemming from a series of tweets, then blasted the four members of the “so-called ‘Squad’” as “whack jobs” who are “destroying the Democratic Party.”

On Tuesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the Louisiana Senator expressed his belief that the president is not a “racist” while acknowledging that the tweet was “a poor choice of words” which “he clarified.”

“What he has said now in clarification is that this is not China,” Kennedy said. “This is America, and in America, if you hate our country, you are free to leave. Now he said that in response to the behavior of the four congresswomen that you are talking about, the so-called ‘squad.’”

Kennedy did question the wisdom of exchanging “playground insults” with the far left congresswomen, because “when you try to argue with a fool that proves there’s two.”

“The simple fact of the matter is that the four congresswomen think that America was wicked in its origins,” said Kennedy.

He added, “They think that America and its people are even more wicked now, that we are all racist and misogynistic, and evil. Now they’re entitled to their opinion, they are Americans, but I’m entitled to my opinion, and I just think they’re left-wing cranks, and they’re the reason that there are directions on a shampoo bottle. I think we should ignore them.”

Responding to a question from Fox News host Tucker Carlson about whether or not there is a “market for these ideas in America,” Kennedy said the “Squad” has moved the party “substantially left.”

“They are destroying the Democratic Party,” he said. “I’m appalled that so many of our presidential candidates are falling all over themselves to try to agree with the four horsewomen of the Apocalypse.”

“They are entitled to their opinions, but I’m entitled to say that they are whack jobs.”

Watch the interview below: