Flash Bang Attack

PUBLISHED: 5:10 PM 1 Jun 2021

Video Shows Capitol Police Attacking Children, Elderly Citizens In Lawful Assembly

These people were lawfully assembled in lawful places, but were brutally attacked. (See the difference with Antifa?)

Just wrong. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Apparently, after carefully waving through Antifa and BLM agitators dressed like Trump supporters, capitol police then attacked the women, children, and elderly veterans who were located in lawful assembly locations.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

On Jan. 6 Capitol Police started firing flash grenades and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters with US and MAGA flags.

From the video, you can see the protesters are NOT on the Capitol steps and were behind barriers. There were children, veterans, and seniors in the crowd.

The protesters were packed tightly together and the Capitol Police started firing on them.

Last week Julie Kelly from American Greatness released a video from Jan. 6 protests in Washington DC.  Police started firing on the peaceful protestors on the west side of the Capitol building.

In the video at American Greatness you can see Kash Kelly, a former gang member and founder of the Streetlights Unity Movement and Foundation, a group he launched in 2020 in opposition to Black Lives Matters to help at-risk people in inner-cities, outraged that police were firing on this crowd of patriots with American flags and MAGA gear.

Over the weekend The Gateway Pundit was sent a second video of the Capitol Police firing on the Jan. 6 crowd of men, women, children and seniors.

In this video you can see in slow motion the flash grenade fired out over the crowd and into the crowd.

The Trump supporters had nowhere to move to and many had NO IDEA what was about to hit them!

Flash bang grenades in close range can cause hearing loss, eye damage, and other injuries.

This is your government Declaring War on its people!

DON’T EXPECT the Fake-News Mainstream Media to touch this one.