Abduction Caught On Tape

PUBLISHED: 1:03 AM 31 Jan 2018

Video Records Child Abduction In Broad Daylight, FBI Captures Brazen Man

This guy was very brave and it got him locked up.

After this crime, one abductor is sure to spend a VERY long time in prison.

Facebook has been alight lately with videos of film crews showing parents how easy it is to abduct their children even when the parents have warned them against taking rides from strangers, riding in creepy vans, or accepting candy from strangers. Today, a video has emerged that does not involve any actors or film crews and the footage is altogether terrifying.

A young girl was seen in the middle of her kidnapping off an Illinois street” in an abduction that happened in broad daylight, according to Yahoo News. The footage has been released by the F.B.I. and is sure to put the ultimate horror into the stomachs of every parent who sees it.

The man, 38-year-old Bryan Protho, has thankfully been arrested. In the video, this person is seen parking his “red SUV near an alley” as a small girl walks by him last December 20th.

From there, the culprit is seen strongarming the helpless child into this Explorer and driving off in haste.

The child had to endure a nightmarish assault before being able to flee, according to reports. Much like the abduction spot, the molestation took place in an alley, as well.

The girl was quite strong-willed and had the wherewithal and determination to hail down a passing car. Once this was done, the authorities were called and help was on the way. Her bravery is to be praised, for it may have prevented more victims from piling up.

Protho was arrested two days after Christmas, “was charged Friday with kidnapping, and remains in federal custody.

The F.B.I. wants the public’s help in discovering if this van was used in other crimes. If so, they are asking to be contacted at (312) 421-6700 or [email protected]

This may not have been Protho’s first offense, though judging by the attention that he could have brought to himself by heading away so rapidly, it may have been so.

Regardless, here we have a sinister many who violated a small child a mere five days before Christmas, an act so cruel that it strains the mind to accept the reality.

Hopefully, the girl will recover from this without it affecting her whole life. As for Protho, it can be thought that life behind bars won’t be very kind towards him, and considering the lack of empathy that he displayed, few will come running to aid.

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