Dems Ban Everything?

PUBLISHED: 3:56 PM 6 Sep 2019

Video Montage Shows Everything Democrats Want Banned To ‘Save’ Globe

Apparently, democrats are running on a platform that is “against” everything, and “for” nothing, as this supercut demonstrates.

Dems want to ban it all, cripple the nation.

When taken together, democrats seem to be running on a platform of being “against” everything and for nothing.

In fact, it appears as if they have plans to ban everything, which would transform the country into a third-world nation filled with poverty and lawlessness.

During the seven-hour ‘climate’ debate on CNN, prospective presidential candidates seemed to one-up each other on the items they would ban…like red meat, gas-powered vehicles, and nearly every form of energy.

Forget the fact that Americans need energy… and forget the fact that regarding ‘pollution,’ America has a long way to go to catch up with China and other mass polluters… it appears as if Dems want you to live in a hut while they as the ‘slave-masters’ live in giant plantation houses.

Red State reported:

However praise needs to go out to Grabien News founder Tom Elliot. Tom was not only gracious enough to watch this entire electronic torture test but he managed to cull from the mind-rendering marathon a collection of sound bites of the various candidates proposing all of the items from our daily lives that they will be more than energetically to eradicate, should they rise into power at the White House.

These are not simply proposals such as encouraging recycling programs, or promoting fuel-efficient vehicles. This group wants to fundamentally cripple our energy providers, our means of transportation, and even our food supply.

Here is Tom’s video that captures in one quick segment all of the things that will be forcibly removed from our existence.

SUPERCUT — Dems’ global warming solution: Ban straws, red meat, gas-powered cars, incandescent bulbs, nuclear energy, fracking, natural gas exports, off-shore drilling, factory farming, and … “carbon” #CNNClimateTownHall

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 5, 2019

A quick rundown: We as a nation will be getting rid of red meat, plastic straws, offshore drilling, light bulbs, combustion engine vehicles, babies in poor countries, fossil fuels, oil, natural gas, coal, fracking, carbon, nuclear power plants, and factory farming.

What is amusing in all of this hysterical hyperactive enforcement is the contradictions between their desires. Bernie talks of transitioning off of these fuels, for instance, while Liz Warren says there will be no more nuclear power, a carbon-neutral transition energy source. Red meat is — literally — off the table but the growing demand for more grains will be stymied by the eradication of factory farming.

My favorite proposal of the lot comes from Andrew Yang. His solution to curb the heating of the planet is to have an array of large mirrors in our atmosphere to reflect the sunlight.