PUBLISHED: 10:50 PM 9 Nov 2016

Veteran’s Memorial Desecrated By Protesters, Can You Help Us Find Them?


People Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Deface A Memorial Dedicated To Military Veterans

Despite all the talk of the election that has been discussed there is another significant event and pseudo-holiday coming up in two days. That would be Veteran’s Day. It’s a holiday that, as stated, is designed to make sure that we can remember our veterans from all military encounters.

It’s something that should be taken very seriously, considering the fact that these veterans gave the ultimate price to make sure that YOU have the freedoms that you do now. And some people in the United States do, considering that there is memorials set up to honor these veterans.

Except not everyone thinks that these memorials should be taken seriously. In fact, there are some people out there that don’t respect the memorials and everything that they stand for. They think it’s a good idea to DISRESPECT the memorials that are out there.

The most recent example comes from someone who is against the Dakota Access Pipeline. They were so against it that they thought the best course of action would be to vandalize a memorial that was set specifically for World War II veterans in Washington. That came from the National Park Service on Tuesday.


People Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Vandalize A World War II Memorial

A spokesman by the name of Mike Litterst said that someone spray-painted the North Dakota section of the memorial. A photo that was provided by the park service showed the phrase “#NoDAPL” was written in paint. Yes they thought the best way to protest this would be to vandalize a memorial designed to honor military service members.

That is honestly the most disgusting thing that could have EVER happened. There shouldn’t EVER be a reason that someone should vandalize a MILITARY memorial just to get their point across. These people put their lives ON THE LINE to make sure that you have the right to protest like you are doing!

The person that vandalized this memorial was protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has been fighting along with other tribes and environmental groups in an effort to stop the completion of the nearly $4 billion pipeline. They claimed that it was going to threaten the water supply for millions of people.

The supporters of the pipeline have said that it is a safer way to move oil rather than trucks and trains. Considering that oil is very flammable and accidents can happen, I would rather see something be moved safely. But no matter what side you are on, vandalizing a memorial designed for military veterans is something that SHOULDN’T happen!

As of right now, the United States Park Police are investigating the vandalism. But there is good news about this whole thing. The vandal had used paint to make his mark. And a paint stripper has been used to remove much of the damage that had been done.

The pipeline protests have been going on for a long time. But President Obama has said that the federal government was looking for ways to “reroute” parts of the pipeline. It sounds like another attempt to appease people on the president’s behalf.

But the bottom line is that these people thought it was a good idea to make their message heard by spray painting a VETERANS MEMORIAL! That is the ultimate sign of disrespect! And it makes it worse when you factor in that Veteran’s Day is literally two days away. It’s like they don’t care about the fact that these veterans made the ultimate sacrifice so they could pull those actions.

These Men Risk Their Lives So That Families Across The USA Can Enjoy Freedom

These Men Risk Their Lives So That Families Across The USA Can Enjoy Freedom

Every American should honor the fact that these veterans have given everything that they possibly could to make sure that the freedoms of the United States stay that way. And every memorial that is destroyed and vandalized is just another reminder that not everyone believes that military veterans should be thanked.

Those people are some of the worst Americans on the planet. If you want to protest something, then fine, but there is NO EXCUSE for anyone to vandalize a memorial designed to honor those that served. And the simple fact that someone thought it was a good idea is sickening.

There are several ways to make your point but this is among one of the absolute worst out there. And what is even worse is that there are people that are going to think that it was a good idea.

Sadly this isn’t the first time that this has happened. There were people that thought it was a good idea to vandalize a September 11, 2001 memorial. And the worst part of that was they actually did it. In a college town in California people thought it was a good idea to destroy something that means a lot to some people here in the country.

That wasn’t the only time that this has happened. Just a couple weeks ago there was another report that someone thought it would be a good idea to destroy a veterans memorial. Yes there are people here in the United States that want to make sure that military people don’t get the respect that they deserve. It’s like these people have just lost all respect for those that have given everything and more for the safety of the country.

Share this article to make sure that we can find the person, or people, that is responsible for destroying a monument that is dedicated to our military veterans. What makes it worse is that it is so close to Veteran’s Day. The pure timing of this entire action is something that should make every red-blooded patriot in the country angry.

We need your help to make sure that the people that are responsible for this action are caught and brought to justice. This type of activity is simply unacceptable. But with your help we can find the protestors that are responsible and make sure they pay for their crimes.