Vegans Have Beef

PUBLISHED: 6:01 PM 4 Feb 2019
UPDATED: 6:40 PM 4 Feb 2019

Vegans Have Beef With Hyundai After Commercial Triggers Defense

It really doesn’t take much to offend someone nowadays, and vegans are pretty easy to get a rise out of, given their offended response to Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial.

Humorous depictions of 'beetloaf' have enraged vegans.

Vegans have been triggered by a humorous advertisement aired during the Super Bowl by Hyundai. In the video below, a couple is riding an elevator, dropping people off at various painful locations.

The unpleasant locations include a root canal or shopping for a car, but the one that sparked outraged among the ‘enlightened’ is a vegan dinner party, complete with ‘beetloaf.’

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) group was immediately offended. They can wrap themselves in plastic with fake blood and pose naked, kill people’s pets over a fake claim of ‘bondage,’ but how dare a car company make fun of their food.

“Instead of buying a car from people with outdated ideas, we suggest a vegan Smartcar by Mercedes,” PETA tweeted. “Great mileage & acceleration, turns on a dime.”

Apparently, it’s outdated to eat meat and all vegans can afford Mercedes.

Others quickly joined in the group outrage.

“Hyundai’s Superbowl ad should not have made fun of vegan food – it is the one diet that can help our health, help the planet & help the environment,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“I need a new car. I was considering a Hyundai. I am a vegan,” reads another. “It’s hard enough to live this way without being denigrated by a car company. Shame on you.”

Really? If it’s so hard, is that why any and all opinions that disagree must be silenced?

The car company made it perfectly clear that the ad was just a humor.

“We totally respect veganism and are happy that it is mainstream,” a representative for Hyundai said in an email to Business Insider, and on Twitter, the company has shared a recipe for ‘beetloaf.’

“We actually love vegan food and are glad it’s going more mainstream,” Hyundai tweeted.

“We also hope that vegans have a sense of humor just like dentists, parents, judges and flight attendants, the others stops represented on ‘the elevator,'” the Hyundai representative explained.

Perhaps someone should explain to the company rep that liberals don’t have a sense of humor. They will attack whatever appears to poke fun at their lifestyle choices or political opinions because deep down inside, many people argue, these idiots know that they are fighting for something that makes no sense.

Watch the ‘offensive ad below: