Vegans Starve Child

PUBLISHED: 6:12 PM 16 Feb 2019

‘Vegan’ Parents Charged For Starving Their Child Near Death

The couple refused to give their child the ‘organic’ formula instructed by doctors, and instead fed him a potato based mash that nearly killed him.

The parents were slowly starving their own child.

In the progressive ‘enlightened’ movement to eschew all meat and dairy products, one couple were so ignorant of the dangers of the lifestyle that they almost killed their five-month-old child because of their ‘beliefs.’

Florida authorities charged Robert Buskey, 31, and Julia French, 20, with starving their baby after they refused to give their child an organic formula doctors recommended, and instead fed him potato-based mash.

The couple may face further charges, police said.

“The suspects were described as vegans who ignored doctor’s requests to feed the baby organic formula and instead began giving the child their own, WFTV 9 reported.”

“I’ve never seen a child to this level, this close to possible death,” Detective Lauren Watson of the Titusville Police Department said.

“At one point, when the child was doing good and healthy, and gaining weight, he was on organic formula [but] they changed it on their own,” she added.

Police say the baby weighed eight pounds and eight ounces at his check in at five-months-old. This meant that he had only gained one pound since his birth.

Apparently the couple was so high on their own enlightenment, they failed to see that the child’s ribs were visible and his eyes were sunken, authorities said.

“The baby was also sleepy and had an erratic temperature and sugar levels due to dehydration and malnourishment.”

Fortunately, the victim is currently recovering in the hospital and has since gained back some weight, though the alleged starvation may have caused some long-term damage.

However, the incident highlights the very serious damage such ideology has on the health of not only children, but adults.

“Most vegans, those who don’t eat any animal products, and vegetarians, who don’t eat red meat, seafood, or poultry, are short on B-12.

“A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found nine in 10 vegans had below-normal levels of B-12. Vegetarians fare a bit better thanks to dairy and eggs, but they also fall short — more than two in three are below normal in B-12.

“And about 55 percent of children on a vegetarian diet have inadequate B-12 levels, according to a study by researchers at East Carolina University.”

Such deficiencies can have serious repercussions. It begins with indicators like fatigue, irritability and other mood changes, memory loss, and pale skin.

“But these symptoms can escalate to more serious issues such as vision loss and even psychosis, imbalance, and paralysis. B-12 deficiency is also known to raise the risk of developing depression, dementia, cardiovascular disease, stroke and even cancer.”

“Babies who don’t receive enough B-12 in the womb run the risk of developing dangerous defects – indeed, expectant mothers with B-12 deficiency are up to five times more likely to have a child with a potentially disabling or fatal birth defect, many of which involve the brain or spinal cord.

“A study just out from the Harvard School of Public Health reports that the children of women given B-12 supplements during pregnancy and in the weeks immediately after birth score higher on expressive language tests at age 30 months.”

Of course, such facts are ignored by ‘enlightened’ vegans who think they are better than the omnivores.

The belief almost led to the death of a child.