Taped Anti-Trump Rage

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 29 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 6:29 PM 29 Dec 2018

Vape Store Clerk Goes Crazy: Gets Fired For Anti-Trump Rant Against Customer

The man was triggered by seeing the customer’s Trump shirt and went crazy, demanding the customer leave.

A Georgia clerk was fired after an unhinged rant against a Trump-supporting customer was video taped.

A clerk at Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, Atlanta went absolutely ballistic after a customer wearing a Trump t-shirt came in to purchase a product for his wife.

The pro-Trump customer was immediately denied service and told to leave the store, as the vape shop employee accused him of being a “racist motherf*cker,” and hurled other vulgarities.

His actions were video-taped and the store has responded by firing the clearly unhinged man.

Because the customer refused to be bullied and explained that the clerk should call the police, the clerk was triggered to an extent that is rarely seen outside of mental institutions.

“F*ck off dude! F*ck off! Get the f*ck out of here!” the employee screamed. He also assaulted the customer.

“The employee is heard talking on the phone presumably to his boss where he calls President Trump a ‘treasonous as*hole.’”

Then, the lunatic employee walked back over to the customer, assaulted him and called him the N word.

“Leave the store! Leave the store! Leave the store! F*ck off! Get the f*ck off n*****!” the employee screamed.

The customer eventually threatened to call police over the assaults if the employee didn’t ring up his order, and explained that the man was ruining his life over a silly opinion.

The employee continued to melt down, screaming “Get Out!” and refused to serve the Trump supporter.

However, many people agree that the best part is that the customer refused to be bullied, or back down, in the face of irrational hate.

“The Yelp page for Xhale City vape shop in Tucker, GA was quickly filled with one-star reviews calling for the unhinged employee to be fired.”

And, the company responded.

Late last night, Xhale City fired the mentally disturbed individual, who had obviously been costing the store business and destroying its reputation.

The vitriol and hate that was spewed by the man is the epitome of the anti-Trump liberals who have no basis for their ‘emotional’ breakdowns, other than the feeling of impotency and lack of understanding.

The vape store clerk demonstrates the sort of people who hate both this country, and the man who is making it great again.

This man was a racist, ignorant child. Way to go Trump supporter.