Trump Supporter Targeted

PUBLISHED: 3:47 PM 10 Oct 2018

Vandals Torch The Truck Of A Trump Supporter Over Bumper Sticker

He reportedly left his car in the parking lot of a bar overnight and returned home to find it completely torched.

A truck with two bumper stickers expressing support for President Donald Trump belonging to resident Johnny MacKay was recently set on fire and destroyed while parked overnight outside of the Garage Bar and Grille in Vancouver, Oregon (pictured above).

Just recently, a truck with two bumper stickers expressing support for President Donald Trump was set on fire and completely destroyed after the owner left it parked outside of a bar in Oregon and took an Uber home.

In addition to sending his truck up in flames, the vandals also apparently spray-painted the word “Trump” across the side of the vehicle, which many would recognize as utterly reprehensible and yet another one of many examples showing that “liberalism” is an ideology of violent, unhinged destroyers of property.    

Specifically, the truck belonging to Johnny MacKay, who didn’t vote for President Trump but has since started supporting him, was vandalized earlier this week while parked outside of the Garage Bar and Grille in Vancouver, Oregon.

According to reports, MacKay had left the vehicle there overnight after having a couple of drinks at the bar and calling for an Uber car to pick him up. The driver of the rideshare company, who he works for as well, then safely brought him home.

Upon waking up and returning to the bar’s parking lot, though, he saw that his truck had been torched.   

“All of a sudden I saw the tires were melted, the windows were shattered, and I was just in shock,” recalled MacKay while speaking to reporters about what happened.

Alarmingly, he also saw that someone had used silver spray paint to write “Trump” on the vehicle. Of course, based on the damage in the picture, countless would agree that the president’s name was presumably preceded by an expletive that ended up being obscured during the fire.

When questioned about why someone would have targeted his vehicle, MacKay mentioned that he had two bumper stickers on the back of his truck indicating support for President Trump.

“I literally just put them on this weekend. If I would’ve known somebody would’ve taken politics this far — I saw them, I thought they were funny and apparently somebody didn’t get the joke,” explained the truck owner.

“If you say anything that someone doesn’t like you are ultimately a targeted. You’re automatically the enemy and they have to hurt you,” he continued, adding, “to destroy somebody else’s property, just because you don’t like how they think or because they have a difference of opinion–it’s absurd.”

This basically means that the vandalism seems to have been politically motivated, which many would agree is extremely disturbing and something that must not be tolerated. Such an attack would mean leftists have escalated the level of violence that they’re willing to direct toward those who they disagree with, which could ultimately lead to innocent people being murdered in the name of “liberalism” and “tolerance.”   

While talking to reporters, MacKay suggested that whoever decided to destroy his vehicle needs some serious help before something even worse happens.

“[They] need help. Whether it was from drugs or a mental condition, this person needs to get help. If they blow up at this, who knows,”  he reasoned.

During an interview with reporters, Randy Sanchagrin, who reportedly lives across the street from where the incident occurred, mentioned that he heard what sounded like an explosion prior to seeing the car on fire.

“All of a sudden I hear a loud bomb and the windows shake,” Sanchagrin recollected.

He then rushed outside, saw the destroyed vehicle, and went back inside to tell his sister to call 911. He then, quite bravely, ran back outside to see if anyone was inside the vehicle and needed to be rescued. The fire that had consumed the truck, however, was purportedly too intense to approach.

“By the time I ran back to the street it was so bad there was no getting close to it,” Sanchagrin told reporters.  

The attack on MacKay’s car came in the wake of countless leftists viciously bashing President Trump and conservatives. What’s worse, some have even gone so far as to call on others to harass them in public.   

For example, several weeks ago, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) claimed that that “something” needs to happen to President Trump. If not, the liberal leader argued that he may end up undermining democracy across the entire world.

A few days before that, an opinion piece was published in The Washington Post, which is a well-known liberal news outlet, suggesting, quite absurdly, that the president is somehow partly responsible for any destruction or death that’s caused by natural disasters due to the fact that he has expressed quite a bit of understandable skepticism about climate change and refused to support leftist environmental regulations.

Before that, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who many recognize as a completely unhinged lawmaker, viciously bashed the president and appeared to revel in making conservatives not feel safe while speaking at an event hosted in California.  

Prior to that, Rep. Alcee Hastings (D-FL), a former federal judge who was impeached for engaging in perjury and being corrupt, made a joke about how it would be a “catastrophe” if someone saved Trump from drowning in a river.

And before that, former President Barack Obama bashed world leaders who lie and appeared to imply that this is what President Trump does. Much like Gov. Brown, the former leftist president also, quite ludicrously, seemed to suggest that his successor could undo democracy.