Attacking Families! How Low Can They Get?

PUBLISHED: 1:49 AM 24 Jan 2018

Vandals Target “Innocent Parties,” Bigotry For Enforcement Spreads In Dangerous Way

One city’s families are under attack just because they are related to first responders.

They went looking for people with kids!

There are a lot of people who are against the police, this is known. However, what is being done to some officers is not only a needless threat to their lives, but also a very dire threat to anyone who shares the road with them. That is because, according to the Maven, “somebody has been loosening the lug nuts on the personal vehicles of first responders.” It is said that their family members have been targeted, as well.

Citizens are now being warned to check their lugnuts, too. This dreadful fad has already caused accidents and authorities fear that more could be imminent. So far, only first responders and those affiliated with them have been the targets of this, but that does not say that this will remain the case. The innocent parties targeted must now live in fear each time that they start a vehicle and forget to check the bolts.

Ellsworth Police Chief Emil Halfhill said, “Our family are innocent parties in this. With these actions, they’ve turned our innocent families into possible victims,” KWCH News confirms. As anyone who has ever lost a tire whilst driving will be quick to recall, the runaway tire can be more deadly than the accident which may be caused as it rolls and bounces like a battering ram, mowing over anything in its path.

So far about the only common theme on the vehicles involved have been, the owners are first responders (law enforcement, fire, and EMS),” the chief posted on Facebook. While such actions against the police are uncalled for in every way, who attacks the fire department and EMS? They don’t write tickets nor arrest anybody, yet they too have been targets.

No City or County vehicles have been found with loose lug nuts but their personal vehicles or family members vehicles have,Halfhill added.

The offspring of a first responder was one of the documented victims of this lug nut tampering. “The child’s lug nuts become loose and the tire came off while traveling, causing minimal damage,” Halfhill also said.

Another one of our EMTs and an off-duty officer were traveling in Selina yesterday, and one of the front wheels of her vehicle fell off while going down the interstate,” he confirms, too. At this point, we are left to ask just where some of these units are being parked. Are there no security cameras in the age of terror?

Five lug nuts were even loosened on the chief’s tire, so at some point, we have to wonder if the proper precautions have been taken to prevent this. The Witchita Eagle has reported that there have been multiple calls about this problem.

On Facebook, Halfhill typed, “I also have a message for those involved in loosening the lug nuts. It may seem like a funny or minor thing to do. But when we find you, you can and will be charged with any damage caused by your mischievous behavior and also take note if anyone is injured as a result you will be charged with that as well.”

God willing, that warning shall be enough to get those engaged in this practice to stop it. If not, who knows what tomorrow’s headline may say?

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