Vampire Facials

PUBLISHED: 7:32 PM 13 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 7:33 PM 13 Sep 2018

“Vampire Facials” Lead To HIV Testing In New Mexico Spa

Kim Kardashian endorsed this crazy practice on Instagram

There is a blood fad that is putting some spa patrons at grave risk. It can be called a "bloody shame."

If Lady Bathory were alive today, she may just well be a loyal patron of a certain New Mexico spa. That is because they are practitioners of the “vampire facial” that was made somewhat popular by reality star, Kim Kardashian, on Instagram. ABC 7 News has revealed that his trend is quite dangerous, however, even putting some beauty freaks at risk for AIDS and other infections.

These facials consist of a patient’s blood being drawn “and then re-applied to their own face.”

The problem is that this procedure has lead to at least one “infection” in New Mexico and the VIP Spa is thought have caused it. It has also caused a few people to wonder why anyone would think of undergoing such a technique.

Kardashian and others feel that the blood keeps one’s face looking youthful, but then again, this is coming from a person who is reluctant to even smile because it may cause wrinkles, as US Magazine has revealed.

Regardless of any celebrity’s endorsement, the truth is that customers who had the treatment “are being tested for HIV.” It appears that lives may actually be at risk over a supposed beautifying procedure.

The blood is treated before it is reapplied to a person’s face, but clearly, working with blood poses risks. For this reason, tattoo shops, body piercers, and others are frequented by health departments every day in the U.S.

Although no specific details were reported, health inspectors did say that the procedures being used were the reason for them suggesting that vampire facial customers get tested for the virus that causes AIDS.

They also warned that both Hepatitis B and C could be transmitted this way, as well.

Already, one person “is believed to have developed an infection that could be linked to a procedure performed at the spa.

In 2018 it seems, a beauty-obsessed culture has arrived at a point where deadly autoimmune illnesses and diseases which destroy the liver are factors in how “good looks” are obtained.