PUBLISHED: 10:37 PM 23 Feb 2017

VA Secretary: We Are Now Reforming The VA For Our Veterans, Employees Will Be Fired Promptly


New VA Secretary David Shulkin Has Promised To Reform The VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been a department that has seen eight years of disaster under President Barack Obama. Scandals have impacted the department that is designed to help the military veterans of the United States, and instead of getting some of the best treatment out there; they are left suffering and waiting.

The numerous scandals that have plagued the department have gone unpunished as well, as Obama and his administration continued to ignore the atrocities that have occurred in this department. That changed the second that the country came together to vote in Donald Trump as the next president.

He is someone that spent days on the campaign trail saying that he would do what he could to help out those veterans that have been unfairly wronged by the government, despite all their sacrifices. Trump did just that when he announced his pick to lead the department, David Shulkin.

Shulkin, confirmed by the Senate to lead the department, has already made a pledge that is going to make every single veteran jump for joy. Early Thursday morning, Shulkin said that he will fire those VA workers that absolutely need to be fired.

Shulkin, in a Fox News interview with Pete Hegseth, said two simple words. “Watch us.” He later added, “People who don’t show up to work, who do cocaine and are watching porn at work are going to be fired, because I’m not going to tolerate it and they’re going to be out of our system.”

VA officials Getting smoaked

These VA Officials Should Be Worried

It’s something that should have been done a long time ago and many people have started to take notice of the utter lack of care that the VA has in getting rid of employees that shouldn’t be there to begin with.

That past few years, the VA has been severely criticized for only firing a few people that were involved in the healthcare scandals, which included the delay of medical care to veterans all across the country. It should be noted that this delay was also systematic.

This is how disturbing the firing rate has been the past couple years. In two years, less than one dozen people were actually fired. Even those people that were fired were allowed to retire with full benefits. How is it that people that that have committed this type of scandal be allowed to even get benefits when they were systematically delaying medical care to veterans all across the country?

For his part, Shulkin didn’t directly address the healthcare problems. However, he did say that he was going to be working with Congress on legislation that would bring more personal accountability back to the agency, something that would never even be thought of by the Obama administration.


The Obama Administration Never Fixed The VA, Despite All The Scandals That Occurred Under Him

He continued, saying, “I made clear to the Congress and going through the confirmation process that if they expect the VA to be fixed, they have to give the secretary the authority to be able to fix it and hold the secretary accountable.”

He added, “And that’s what I really expect. So I’m working now closely with the Congress, both the House and the Senate, to be able to make sure that we have an accountability bill that allows us to make sure that if people shouldn’t be working in the VA, they won’t be working in the VA.”

The mere fact that it has to come down to this is insane. Shulkin shouldn’t have to make that statement considering that it is the military veterans that are being cared for, much less anyone. If anyone isn’t supposed to working at a place that they are currently at, why are they still there?

Add in the fact that the Obama administration allowed these people to continue working even though they should have been fired is further proof that Obama didn’t care about the veterans that sacrificed so much.

Thankfully we have someone leading the VA that is going to make sure that never happens again. The personal hell that some of these military veterans had to endure because of all the VA scandals is disgusting enough on its own. Hearing that there was less than a dozen people fired over that really crosses the line.

One of the worst things that came out of the VA was the mere fact that they allowed a military veteran to die while he was covered in maggots. It gets worse from there, as these maggots were not the cause of his death, meaning that they were still on him while he was alive. This is the type of accountability that needs to happen under Shulkin.

Shulkin’s statements continue the trend that President Trump started within his first week as the president. He started off his first week by firing some of the corrupt VA officials that were allowed to stay under Obama. Trump did say that he was going to drain the swamp, and it makes sense that he would start with the people that made the veterans suffer more than they should have.

Share this article to show everyone that Trump’s new VA Secretary is going to make sure that those people who need to be fired, are fired. There was a reason that Trump chose him as the new secretary of the VA department, and this is a good reason why. This is being done so that the military veterans can receive the care they earned.