PUBLISHED: 12:09 AM 5 Dec 2016

VA Scandal After Veteran Found Dead Covered In…


This Scandal Is Truly Disgusting

It is safe to say that the members of the military deserve our ultimate respect. These people have put their lives on the line to defend this great nation and should be treated with the utmost decency. Even after they have served this country they deserve to be treated great.

Most people of the United States recognize that. They know that these heroes deserve the best care on the planet. It’s only natural considering that they have sacrificed so much to make sure that everyone in the country is able to keep the rights that they were given.

Again, most of the people understand that. There are amazingly a few exceptions to this, as disgusting as that sounds. And shockingly, one of those exceptions is the president of the United States. And it is evident through how he manages the Veteran’s Affairs.

If you were in the hospital, you would expect to have the best care. And this goes for members of the military as well. But that isn’t the case in the slightest. Just recently, four members at a facility for veterans in Oklahoma have resigned from their jobs because of what happened to a military resident.

A resident was checked into the Talihina veteran’s center and was expecting to be taken care of. Instead, after he passed away, it was discovered that he had MAGGOTS in his wound. And yes, those are the offspring of insects. They were in his wound and these four members did NOTHING about it.

For one thing, it’s disgusting to even think of having crawling insects inside you. But it is a completely different thing entirely to think that this was happening to a military veteran just seeking care! And as if this story couldn’t get any worse, it magically does.

Those maggots that were found in the resident? They were there while he was ALIVE! Yes this poor man was found with maggots inside him while he was alive! If that is what they call top-notch hospital work, then it’s a disgrace.

Executive Director Myles Deering said that the maggots were on the patient alive, but they weren’t the cause of his death. Oh that is so great to hear! The man only comes into the center to cure an infection and is discovered with maggots on him but they weren’t the cause of his death.

“He did not succumb as a result of the parasites. He succumbed as a result of the sepsis.” Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection. As for those four people that resigned, they did so DURING the investigation.

A physician’s assistant and three nurses, including the director of nursing, all decided to resign, according to Shane Faulkner, who is a spokesman for the agency. “All four chose to resign before the termination process began.”

But keep in mind that this was happening at a center that is supposed to be helping these military veterans. And which administration did this occur under? That would be the Obama administration! For eight painful years, his administration has done nothing but sit back and see how these veterans have been treated.


It’s The Fault Of The Obama Administration For The State That The VA Is In

The first time that an incident occurred at a Veteran’s hospital there should have been something done to correct it immediately. And instead we have heard the same things over the past eight years. Excruciatingly long wait times, poor care, and now maggots in people’s bodies are just some of the things that the Obama Administration has allowed to happen.

It’s just further proof that Obama doesn’t care about the soldiers of this nation or what past soldiers have done. If he really did care for them, like he said he does, then there is no way in hell that he would allow this type of behavior to happen. And yet everyday we are plagued by stories of the VA having issues or another veteran receiving poor care.

And now we have to see that one military veteran was unfortunate enough to go in for treatment of sepsis, find out that he had MAGGOTS on him while he was alive, and that the four people involved only resigned because they were under investigation.

It really makes you wonder if the veteran would have been treated better had he been an illegal immigrant. Considering that Obama does what he can to help the illegal immigrants of this country, it wouldn’t be surprising if he were treated better.

Obama administration exposed for Doublespeaking.

What Is Sad Is That Obama Would Give Illegals Better Treatment

And it is a well-known fact that Obama does whatever he can to help the illegals out as much as possible. There was one time that his administration has “mistakenly” given citizenship to a great number of illegal immigrants. Except let’s be real, it wasn’t a mistake at all! Because this was before the election, it was an attempt to get them legalized so that they could vote in the election.

And that right there just proves that Obama was going to do what he can to help them. He was willing to give illegals citizenship to vote and have all the other benefits of this country but he won’t help military veterans? What a disgusting excuse for a president.

Then there was the time that illegal immigrants were actually getting more aid that the military veterans that protect this country. Yes you read that correctly. Obama was willing to give more aid to the illegals of this country over those that have actually sacrificed everything that they had for this country and all the rights it holds. What a way to honor them right?

Share this article to show everyone that a veteran of the United States military went into treatment at the VA and had some of the worst treatment out there. The man had actual MAGGOTS on him! And yet this is normal in Obama’s VA.

Thankfully he is out of office in January and we can make way for President Elect Donald Trump to fix the VA. It’s the least that someone can do for the military members that have given so much.