School Board Show Down

PUBLISHED: 4:25 PM 7 May 2021

Utah School Board Escapes From Citizens: “Remember This Day! Remember This Day!”

After refusing to listen to the citizens they supposedly serve, the school board escaped out of the back door.

These boards are breeding grounds for tyrants. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Many people argue that if Americans are going to take back the Republic from communist controllers, it must happen at the local level. In one Utah town, that’s exactly what parents are trying to do.

Conservative treehouse explained:

School boards are where mini-dictators are grown. Thus the latest exhibit comes from South Salt Lake, Utah and the Granite School District Board of Education meeting.

The board was going to hear proposals of removing the mask mandate for K-12 students. However, they would only allow one parent to speak during “citizen participation time”, a control method for keeping the pesky proles from expressing their opinion of board policy.

After the board allowed a mask advocate from the state to speak, the School board said that’s it, no more discussion. Parents became infuriated, things got ugly [VIDEO Below]. The board ended the meeting and escaped out the back-door of the building.

UTAH – […] The crowd rose to its feet in protest and one man shouted: “Remember this day! Remember this day!”

Others chanted: “No more masks. No more masks. No more masks.””

The board moved to adjourn the meeting, left the room through a back door and the building was eventually cleared.

[…]  Utah Parents United Facebook page earlier had urged parents to attend their local school board meetings to protest mask policies, noting “if you are sick and tired of what your kids are being put through, do your part and show up. Don’t think things are going to change if you don’t get involved. We need hundreds of parents!”  (full msm article)