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PUBLISHED: 8:06 PM 1 Oct 2018

USA Today Rewrites Opinion Piece Regarding Kavanaugh As Basketball Coach

The opinion piece claimed that since Kavanaugh is being investigated for assault, he should not be allowed around minors.

A liberal content writer claimed that Judge Kavanaugh should not be allowed to coach girls basketball per the current allegations.

Conservatives following the controversy surrounding Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh would agree that democrats opposing him have made virtually every attempt to slander the honest judge.

Recently, a writer on behalf of a liberal media outlet wrote an opinion piece suggesting that until Judge Kavanaugh’s name is cleared he should not be allowed around children, specifically pertaining to Kavanaugh serving as basketball coach for his daughters’ team. While the initial allegations are disgusting already, the recent suggestion that insinuates that Kavanaugh is a sex offender has many demanding what has happened to due process?

On Friday, USA Today contributor Erik Brady published a piece which referenced Kavanaugh’s vocalized concerns that “he might never coach girls’ basketball again” if democrats are successful in convincing the court that he is a sexual predator.

To this, Brady wrote of Kavanaugh that “He shouldn’t – at least not until further investigation has concluded.”

He supported the ridiculous argument that SafeSport, an athletic organization which ensures the safety of Olympic athletes, claimed that in cases it has dealt with, “credible allegation[s] of sexual abuse” are enough to warrant “an investigation, even where there are no formal charges brought by law enforcement.”

Edward McFadden on behalf of the Archdiocese of Washington explained that Kavanaugh previously passed all requirements for being permitted to coach, “has no criminal record,” and that Kavanaugh would not be removed from the team without having undergone “the full legal process.”

Despite the despicable allegations and thankfully for Kavanaugh; his daughters, ages 10 and 13; and the rest of the basketball team with the Catholic Youth Organization in Washington, the judge has been allowed to remain the coach.

Given the opposing opinions, it is clear which side is more supportive of due process in not simply banning Kavanaugh from the team for allegations provided by women who have been determined to be less than credible.

However, McFadden admitted that just how a handful of women have ruined Kavanaugh’s reputation with feminists, it could be admittedly difficult for him to coach at all if doing so caused disruptive protests.

Yet given the seriousness of accusing Kavanaugh of being a pedophile, USA Today readers and social media users expressed their appalment, as the article suggesting such was also posted on Twitter where it went viral.

USA Today subsequently updated the article on Sunday and deleted the associated tweet.

In doing so, it claimed that it was not suggesting that Kavanaugh should no longer be permitted to coach minors but rather that it was speculating whether he ever would be, just as Kavanaugh himself admittedly expressed concern about in court.

The liberal news source then published a follow-up article on Sunday by Manny Garcia titled ‘Fixing Our Brett Kavanaugh Column: Why Context Matters.’

While the second article admitted fault in Brady making the disheartening suggestion, it also explained how it was updated.

It claimed that USA Today generally does not remove previously published stories but rather that it updates such with “an editor’s note.”

This was done, attempting to explain that “this commentary was to address that question” [of Kavanaugh’s ability to coach].

However, Garcia then continued that per editor in chief Nicole Carroll’s request, two lines of text were omitted. Yet in retracting what had appeared to be USA Today perhaps giving Judge Kavanaugh the benefit of the doubt, Garcia said how the news team collectively removed “a photo of Kavanaugh with a team of girls that he coached. We felt the team photo wasn’t appropriate of the column.”

In saying and doing so, the publication has successfully done what democrats do best: making something out of nothing.

The left is trying with all of its intolerant and illogical might to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from being appointed to the Supreme Court, yet it is has and should not be attempting to infringe upon Kavanaugh’s ability to partake in a beloved pastime.

On Thursday, he expressed to the court that “I love coaching more than anything I’ve ever done in my whole life. But thanks to what some of you on this side of the committee have unleashed, I may never be able to coach again.”

Unfortunately, there exists such a possibility, not just if Kavanaugh was determined guilty, but simply because of the nature of the allegations.

However, that has not stopped countless young girls who Kavanaugh has coached from showing their support.

During the hearing on September 7, Kavanaugh’s daughters, along with a large group of former players, appeared where they were honored in the front row.

While they represent only a small group of those who can attest for Kavanaugh’s conduct, their presence has been notable. The liberal media has made multiple attempts to suggest that most women in America are against Kavanaugh’s nomination.

While conservatives know this to be false, it is optimistic for those hoping and praying that Kavanaugh will be appointed to the Supreme Court, and, for a loving father and coach, that he will be continually allowed to lead eager, young basketball players.