PUBLISHED: 2:35 AM 22 Jun 2016
UPDATED: 6:32 PM 22 Jun 2016

Unsuspecting “Friend” of Muslim Brotherhood Helped During Orlando Massacre


Oops, they’ve done it again. Clueless Democrats have yet another lone gunman theory shot full of holes.

This time it concerns the recent Florida massacre. As you know, Omar Mateen slaughtered 49 helpless people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. He did so with planning. He did so while praising ISIS. He did so at a place he knew.

But he did not do so alone.

Continued investigation has discovered that Mateen’s second wife, Noor Salman, knew more than she first claimed. She told investigators that she knew her husband wanted to commit violence “for a while.” Furthermore, she suspected he was planning an attack at the very nightclub where he executed his murderous act.

Let that sink in. Salman knew what her husband was planning. She knew where he was planning to do it. She knew everything that the police could have used to stop Mateen and save so many innocent lives. She just decided to keep the information to herself.

Does that make her an accomplice to murder? How about the fact that the two communicated during the attack? Salman texted her husband around 4 AM to tell Mateen that she loved him. This was two hours after he started killing! Apparently she wanted Mateen to know that his 72 virgins had some earthly competition.

Ironically, Mateen might not have been interested in his wife that way. Though the couple has a 3-year-old child, Pulse is a gay nightclub and Mateen was a frequent guest over several years. He was also known to use the gay dating app Grindr. Once he sent a picture of his privates to a male “friend” of another Pulse patron. Mateen and this friend had been chatting since 2007. Could a struggle with sexual identity have contributed to Mateen’s rage?

More importantly, does that matter? Democrats and the left media will claim it does. They’ll do anything to protect Muslims from pretend backlash. A CNN talking head has already depicted Mateen as a troubled man with a “complex background.” The poor misunderstood terrorist! Meanwhile CNN and the White House downplay or downright omit Mateen’s ties to ISIS.

While stalking the nightclub, Mateen called 911 to pledge his support to ISIS. He also called a local CNN affiliate to state, “I did it for ISIS. I did it for the Islamic State.”

Gay or straight, Mateen’s motive seems clear: jihad and terror.