100 Pages Of Filings

PUBLISHED: 6:36 PM 2 Jul 2018

Unsealed Records Confirm Special Treatment For Hillary

No grand jury subpoenas for top Clinton aides, despite “secret” emails

The Department of Justice continues to insist that they didn’t give Hillary Clinton any special treatment but never bothered to show evidence that they were finding to a grand jury.

Almost 100 pages of recently unsealed records stunningly confirm that the Federal Bureau of Investigation didn’t issue a single grand jury subpoena “to demand testimony from top Clinton aides,” even though they knew about messages they transmitted that should have been marked “Secret” or “classified.”

The FBI never tried to obtain “phones and similar devices used by her top aides,” Politico reports. Not even the ones that might have held the data Hillary “wiped” from her infamous server.

The Department of Justice continues to insist that they didn’t give Hillary Clinton any special treatment but never bothered to show damning evidence to a grand jury. They did have a subpoena for Hillary’s home-brew server computer but Mrs. Clinton made sure to have it treated with “BleachBit” before she handed it over.

As Inspector General Michael Horowitz was getting ready to release his long-awaited report into Department of Justice wrongdoing, he requested a number of investigation records declassified, so that he could discuss them in detail.

These records show that investigators bent over backward to raid email accounts of some officials but cleared Hillary’s inner circle without scratching the surface.

For instance, a message about “U.S. policy in Pakistan” that Huma Abedin forwarded from her official government account to her own yahoo inbox “was classified as ‘Secret’” in “another version.” The FBI took Abedin’s word for it that she didn’t know it was secret.

When investigators found “records related to sensitive satellite imagery” that somebody emailed to “top Clinton adviser” Jake Sullivan’s personal Gmail account, the FBI got “a very broad search warrant.”

Photos of “a launch of ballistic missiles by North Korea” forwarded back out from the unsecured Google servers prompted the judge to issue a warrant to seize “every message in Sullivan’s Gmail account.”

Investigators were allowed to review all the ones coming and going to any “dot-gov email address.” Even if the message was only copied to a dot-gov.

On top of that, the FBI was allowed to read the whole message for any that contained a “keyword.” The list of keywords was separate and kept from the judge. They could change the list at will.

“The list of terms is subject to modification and is updated as necessary to reflect case developments.”

Despite a virtually unlimited license to go on a fishing trip into every message in Sullivan’s Gmail account with no “date range of other limitation” on what they could access, They didn’t even try to look at the phones, laptops, or other devices of Huma Abedin or Cheryl Mills.

The FBI got a warrant to search the emails of IT aide Paul Combetta, who had set up an account of his own on Clinton’s server. They had to get a special warrant because Hillary Clinton’s lawyers only “gave permission” to search “the email domain she used, clintonemail.com.”

Combetta used his account on the server “to store some of Clinton’s messages while copying them from a laptop to a server at his firm, Platte River Networks.” Platte River was in charge of sanitizing the server. None of Combetta’s laptops or company servers were examined.

“Sometime between March 25 and 31, 2015, the Platte River employee had an ‘Oh expletive moment’ that the files weren’t deleted. He told the FBI that he then ‘deleted the Clinton archive mailbox from the PRN server and used BleachBit to delete the exported.PST files he had created on the server system containing Clinton’s e-mails,’ according to the FBI report.”

The FBI certainly wasn’t interested in reconstructing them from the backup copies that may have existed on Combetta’s hardware.

Another high ranking Clinton assistant was Philippe Reines. He was eventually given the title deputy assistant secretary of state for “strategic communications.” On May 1, 2016, the FBI obtained a search warrant for all the messages in his Gmail account for over four years, the whole time he was with the department.

The only thing the FBI uncovered was the message that was used to get the warrant. The subject line referred to the former president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai. The CIA still says it needs to be classified “Secret” so they took the black magic marker to everything after the first line.

“I think you know that my close friend Jeremy Bash is now Panetta’s Chief of Staff at CIA.”

Reines was not mentioned by name in the recently declassified information but reporters didn’t have any trouble piecing together the clues to figure it out.

They used the same technique to unmask a second unnamed individual as Mitch Murata. The Japanese venture capitalist sent some very interesting information about the Fukushima nuclear reactor to friends in an email. A “friend of a friend” sent senior Clinton advisor Cheryl Mills a copy.

Mills forwarded the email to “two State Department officials and to Clinton.” The big problem is that Murata should not have had the information he did, to mail around to his friends in the first place.

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is in charge of “spy satellites.” The blacked out part of the message somehow contains “Secret” information related to the NGIA “not for foreign distribution.” Whatever was in that message got the FBI approval “to obtain two months of metadata from Murata’s Gmail account.”

One message with just a hint of secret information is enough to get the keys to the search warrant kingdom, but for some reason, even bigger red flags waived by Clinton’s inner circle were simply ignored. If that isn’t special treatment, what is?