Steele Memo Refutes Hack

PUBLISHED: 7:51 PM 7 Mar 2018

Unreleased Steele Memo Claimed DNC Hack Involved Undercover Agents

The Steele memo claimed agents within DNC carried out the hack.

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An unreleased memo from British spy Christopher Steele claimed the Democratic National Committee was hacked by Russian agents “within the Democratic Party,” according to the New Yorker.

Not long after the WikiLeaks released a batch of emails in July 2016 that were stolen from the DNC, Steele filed a memo with Fusion GPS.

In his memo, which was buried and never released, Steele said the DNC was “hacked” by Russian operatives “within the Democratic Party structure itself.”

The New Yorker reports:

“On July 26, 2016, after WikiLeaks disseminated the D.N.C. e-mails, Steele filed yet another memo, this time claiming that the Kremlin was behind the hacking, which was part of a Russian cyber war against Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Many of the details seemed far-fetched: Steele’s sources claimed that the digital attack involved agents ‘within the Democratic Party structure itself,’ as well as Russian émigrés in the U.S. and ‘associated offensive cyber operators.'”

The unverified claim was one of several memos Steele compiled in his dossier on behalf of Fusion GPS.

Several pundits and tech experts have claimed for years the DNC was not “hacked,” but rather an insider leaked the information to WikiLeaks to expose the Democratic Party’s wrongdoing.

Last month, hacker Kim Dotcom revealed proof that former DNC staffer Seth Rich was responsible for releasing the DNC’s emails to WikiLeaks.

The famed hacker said “an insider with a memory stick” copied the data at a speed virtually impossible to do from Russia.

Dotcom said Rich was the insider who copied DNC internal documents and emails onto a memory stick and gave them to WikiLeaks.

Rich was mysteriously murdered in July 2016 while walking home from a bar in Washington. He was killed just a few weeks after the DNC claimed it was “hacked.”

WikiLeaks released all of the emails and files belonging to the DNC, which exposed how they allowed Hillary Clinton to take control of the party over Bernie Sanders.

It’s unclear why Steele’s memo claiming Russian agents “inside the Democratic Party” leaked the information was buried.

The DNC has refused to turn over their servers to congressional investigators since the hack, raising serious questions about whether they were actually hacked or an insider leaked the information.