Left Threatens Victims

PUBLISHED: 4:40 PM 12 Aug 2019

Unreal! Trump Pics Get Nurse Doxxed and Family Death Threats By Leftists

This is the real face of the liberals in America: Stasi intimidation, hate, and vitriolic attacks on anyone who appears to support the president.

This couple had three children who are now orphans thanks to a murderer.

It seems that liberals in the country are NOT compassionate; they are NOT altruistic; they are not intelligent… they are consumed with extreme hatred of President Trump, and will attack anyone who supports him.

At least, some will.

Some deranged and unhinged leftists have not only attacked the family of victims in the El Paso shooting, one hate-filled liberal doxed a nurse who took a picture with the president.

It’s obviously an attempt at voter intimidate and fascism tactics that are designed to silence all voices of reason or logic.

The American Thinker reported:

Here is an obviously warm-hearted lady who has literally saved dozens of lives in the most stressful professional setting imaginable, the terrible Dayton mass shooting, and for merely posing for posing for a picture with the visiting president, she gets threats, security, and her life upended. She also got doxxed. It wasn’t in the Instagram post above, it was in this sick leftist tweet here, encouraging harassment calls:

Contact Miami Valley in Dayton and let them know . Miami Valley Hospital

Squad Number: (937) 208-2440
Charge Nurse: (937) 208-5764
ED Fax: (937) 208-8030
Nurse Manager: (937) 208-3516
Campus Police: (937) 208-3366 pic.twitter.com/HcA8trXIRM

— TIME TO IMPEACH 45!! (@FoxisFakenews10) August 8, 2019

It’s a mark of the left’s insanity that they would go after someone like this, because up until now, such pictures with visiting presidents have always been routine, no matter who the president was, and people have always gathered around and smiled no matter what their politics.

I recall that even the military would ask troops serving in Afghanistan who supported President Obama to go to the cameras for pictures and smile happily.

This sliming of the innocent nurse by the left suggests not just unhinged rage, but a very negative underlying agenda: to intimidate voters in order to make the rest of the public fearful of posing for pictures with the president.

It’s a sort of repression of mobs, the way Castroite Cuba sends in the turbas to hurl rocks to intimidate dissent. It’s the same sick logic that prevents people from putting Trump bumper stickers on their cars out of fear of having them keyed or their tires punctured. The vile stunt just took things to a new level.

It shows that there is indeed a real downward slide in civil discourse and the momentum for it is coming from the embittered left. It is also revolting to see that no Democrats have condemned this nasty act against someone who should be respected as a heroic first responder. Where are their condemnations of the mobbing and ganging up on this innocent person for something that is no crime whatsoever? Nowhere. This is how silent majorities form.

The Houston Chronicle reported on the family of El Paso victims who’ve been attacked because they allowed a picture of one of the ORPHANS with President Trump:

The uncle of a 2-month-old boy whose parents were killed in the El Paso mass shooting on Friday defended a photo that shows first lady Melania Trump holding the baby while President Donald Trump smiles and gives a thumbs-up gesture.

The photo , released Thursday on Twitter by the first lady’s office, drew backlash from some who thought it reflected a lack of empathy and politicized the shootings.

Tito Anchondo, the uncle of baby Paul Anchondo, told The Associated Press on Friday that Trump “was just there to give his condolences and he was just being a human being.” He previously told NPR that he and his brother were Trump supporters.

“Is it that hard to try and understand that a family is trying to not be sad at a moment like this?” said Anchondo, who also appears in the photo along with his sister. “We’re trying to be as strong as we can. … My brother is gone.”

The child’s parents, Andre and Jordan Anchondo, were among 22 killed and about two dozen wounded when a gunman opened fire Saturday inside a Walmart packed with shoppers. Authorities say Jordan Ancondo was shielding the baby, while her husband shielded them both. The boy suffered broken fingers.

Tito Anchondo declined to describe the encounter with Trump in more detail, saying he had received death threats.

“We should be coming together as a country at this time instead of threatening each other with hate messages,” he said.

Exactly. But, liberals can’t come together. They are singular in their pursuit of pure slavery for the American population, according to many people, and their actions show that they are consumed by vile hatred towards anyone who opposes that scheme.