Student Experiences Meltdown

PUBLISHED: 9:34 PM 6 Jun 2018

University Student Has Unhinged Reaction After Seeing Anti-Socialist Display

She was caught on video vandalizing property and verbally attacking several conservative students.

A student at Santa Clara University was recently caught on video verbally attacking several conservative students and vandalizing their property (pictured above). 

(Warning, this article contains graphic language): 

Just recently, several students at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California who were associated with Turning Points USA,” held an anti-socialism display featuring 1,000 flags representing the vast amount of people who lost their lives to the absurd far-left idea. The group is a conservative nonprofit with chapters on college campuses all across the country, dedicated “to educating students about true free market values. 

In addition to the display of flags, which was sponsored by the conservative group Leadership Institute, the students also set up a table nearby to provide students who want to know more with additional information about just how atrocious socialism truly is and why it simply can not work.

Disturbingly, at one point during what should have been an extremely peaceful anti-socialism event highlighting the terrible loss of human life that the flawed economic system has already caused, a clearly imbalanced female student who obviously needs psychological help and is the kind of person who supports the left was caught on video verbally attacking them and going completely psycho after seeing their display.  

At the very start of the video, the unidentified but noticeably unstable student can be seen smacking a damaged poster off of the conservative students’ table.

“You think you know what’s better for people?” she exclaimed as she knocked the piece of paper away.

“Stop getting cheap labor! That’s how you get cheap s***! You pay nothing!” continued the crazed student, adding, “how do you get cheap s***, bro? Who’s labor? Who’s labor?”

In response, one of the students at the table stated, “we were very disrespectful with Latin American countries. We supported wars…that led to thousands of deaths. That’s 100% true… But what they’re saying is also kind of right…Take a shift and look at other countries…”

Before he could finish his thought, however, she interjected that Cuba is a good example of socialism. When the students reacted with incredulity, she added, “they’ve been doing good for their people. They have like 99% literacy [and] they have their own house brigades.”

After pointing this out, she then went on an unhinged rant about Puerto Rico that continued until the video ended.

Following the incident, Santa Clara Turning Point Vice President Spencer McLaughlin spoke with reporters and provided them with more information about what happened.

“The day started off going well, with lots of engagement and civil discussions with people from all political backgrounds,” recalled McLaughlin before pointing out that this promptly changed when the unbalanced student approached their table.

“She consistently shouted us down as we tried to create a civil dialogue, resorting to derogatory comments — calling us, dumb, uninformed, and liars — and being openly hostile while assuming motives/arguments that we had never alluded to — referring to us as ‘a bunch of f***ing Trump supporters’ and implying inherently malicious motives,” explained the campus vice president of the conservative student group.

“[The female student] grabbed one of our posters and ripped/crumpled it before rudely throwing it at my colleague, and later tried to flip over our table with our tabling supplies on it,” continued McLaughlin, who noted that another female student had also allegedly vandalized their display by pulling some of the flags that they had set on display out of the ground.

Although the incident wasn’t captured on video, McLaughlin added that at one point during her meltdown, a student with the Santa Clara Reserve Officers’ Training Corp (ROTC) reportedly passed by and made a comment in support of capitalism. In response, she dismissed his comment by telling him that she did not want to hear from him because he’s wearing a uniform that he supposedly uses to “shoot brown people.”

Shocked by her comment, the ROTC member mentioned that he had an Iranian mother. Disturbingly, rather than recognize the flaw in her reasoning, she told him, “I guess you shoot your mom then.”

In addition to McLaughlin, Rhaaghav Kanodia, the president of the Turning Points chapter in Santa Clara, also spoke out against what happened but noted that the university will likely not doing much about it.

“Whenever there is discrimination against values which are inherently aligned with the liberals, our school and the administration have sent out emails offering every resource they have available to support the students who have allegedly been discriminated against,” stated Kanodia before adding, “but when it comes to values which align with conservative, there is usually little or no action is taken.”

Sadly, the student’s unhinged behavior is not entirely surprising due to the fact that the authoritarian left has been obtaining an increasing amount of control over colleges and universities.

Earlier this year, for instance, teachers and other staff members at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, which is a women’s liberal arts college, were instructed to begin using “gender-neutral” language, such as saying “students” instead of “women” in an effort to make their classes more welcoming as part of a campus-wide “Teaching & Learning Initiative.”

And a few weeks prior to that, the far-left Women and Gender Advocacy Center (WGAC) at Colorado State University (CSU) in Colorado hosted a “Body Acceptance Week” on campus that basically consisted of a bunch of absurd workshops.

For example, during one workshop, CSU graduate student Kodi Phelps gave a 90-minute presentation about “social influences that change how people view overweight people,” which he, quite bizarrely, titled, “Does This Oppression Make Me Look Fat?”

According to Phelps, “fatphobia” supposedly manifests in several different forms. “It’s different by culture, it’s different by location and the people you grow up around,” she explained during her talk, adding, “[fatphobia] is going to all look different depending on who you are and the identities that you have.”

After speaking, Phelps then asked audience members to participate in an exercise called the “Thin Privilege Knapsack,” which involved discussing “difficult scenarios that they hadn’t faced because of their slim figures.”

Carl Olsen, the program coordinator for Men’s Programming & Violence Prevention at the WGAC, hosted a similar “Body Acceptance” also hosted a workshop during the event. Unlike Phelp’s workshop, though, his was primarily focused on body acceptance issues relating to men.

Without a doubt, the growing amount of control that the authoritarian left has on college and university campuses is extremely problematic. Thankfully, though, there are still countless conservative students with Turning Points and numerous other organizations who are willing to stand up to them and point out all of the various flaws in their reasoning.