‘Transphobic’ Editor Fired

PUBLISHED: 9:43 PM 25 Sep 2018

University Student Editor Fired For Claiming Women Lack Male Anatomy

His comment was considered ‘transphobic.’

A UK student received backlash upon claiming that women do not have male reproductive organs.

It requires only a quick flip through any biology textbook to learn that there are exactly two genders, each with a corresponding set of genitalia which remains constant with being a man or woman. With the extremely rare exception of an intersex individual, it is, however, safe to say that men have penises while women do not. Unless, however, a liberal is being asked, in which case, one must not assume.

university student in the United Kingdom, unfortunately, learned this the hard way in making such an anatomically correct statement that ultimately lost him several titles within his school. Enraged liberals denounced the claim that was later determined ‘transphobic,’ making the sensible person wonder why the left seems to be constantly denying science.

Angelos Sofocleous, 24, attends Durham University in Durham where he formerly served as an editor for two school publications, Critique and The Bubble; a position in the Durham University Philosophy Society; and was reportedly “president-elect of Humanist Students.”

However, that was before he took to Twitter in August to post an article by The Spectator titled “Is it a crime to say ‘women don’t have penises?’”

Apparently, in 2018, it is, as Sofocleous captioned the article in writing ‘RT [retweet] if women don’t have penises.’

Unsurprisingly, given their other intolerances, the left on social media and within Durham University exploded in outrage, calling Sofocleous hateful and transphobic.

Christopher Ward, formerly on behalf of LGBT Humanists led the discussion that Sofocleous’ comment was “‘factually incorrect’ and not ‘worthy of debate.’”

The Philosophy Society uttered a similarly ridiculous claim that the tweet “belitte[d] trans experiences” and provided “no room for, to promote, any fair discussions.”

In all fairness to an open discussion, the way in which the upset transgender supporters reacted to the tweet just shows that they are the closed-minded side that is unwilling to consider another opinion.

Sofocleous frustratingly explained this in even explaining himself in saying, “I may be wrong and women might indeed have penises, although I don’t believe that to be the case.”

Despite willing to discuss the issue, he continued that “No effort was made, beyond name-calling, derogatory comments, and ad hominem statements, to convince me of the truth of the other side’s position.”

Defeated, Sofocleous expressed being convinced that specific topics are apparently ‘undebatable’ after liberals have said so, seen here, as the now-shunned student was accused to have been hateful towards transgender individuals.

The Philosophy Society also claimed that Sofocleous had violated conduct conditions of the club in being discriminatory.

However, thankfully, he has not backed down to the liberal condemning, not only with the argument that women do not have penises but also with his right to free speech.

Upon being dismissed from The Bubble, Sofocleous was told that pertaining to the topic of gender, he was to assume an ‘impartial’ view.

However, Sofocleous has rightfully argued that while his comment offended many, it is an indisputable, scientific fact.

Conversely, most conservatives would agree that the ideologies adopted under the transgender movement are opinion based on a recent, progressive phase.

“We’ve reached a weird era where we are sacking people for stating facts,” Sofocleous rightfully observed.

He said of his comment, “Even if this is opinion, people shouldn’t be sacked for having it.”

A fellow writer, Toby Young, also demanded of the school’s reaction, “Shouldn’t you be encouraging debate about important issues rather than stifling it?”

Yet it is fairly obvious why liberals would consider a discussion of such a ridiculous concept, as the facts would beat their LGBT fantasy arguments any day.

The school itself also proved to be less than helpful in claiming that it supports free thinking and expression while claiming that “in this case, the student is still speaking and people are listening, reflecting, and reacting.”

Just like how conservative voices can be shared on social media only to be censored?

Sofocleous was alienated from many of his peers in sharing his opinion on a personal social media account, also causing him to lose several notable opportunities.

Thankfully, his story has at least caused media attention in once again serving as a reminder just how much the left appears to have lost it with the transgender craze.

However, it is not the first nor last time that someone who understands gender may be attacked for teaching liberals how to count to two.

Hilariously, a converse argument occurred earlier in the year when Planned Parenthood attempted to convince the masses that men can have uteri or other female reproductive parts.

Commentator Ben Shapiro weighed in on the issue in making several hilarious arguments, the first joking that “It seems like a bad idea to let people who don’t understand basic biology perform medical operations.”

Even better, he further debunked the claimed that a women’s right to an abortion is a man’s business in saying, “Then I guess your argument that men can’t have opinions on abortion is destroyed, isn’t it.”

Unfortunately, progressive movements have pushed society to the point where stating scientific facts is considered hate speech. At least there remain those such as Sofocleous who are brave even to oppose the most ridiculous claims despite the liberally charged consequences.