PUBLISHED: 11:27 PM 13 Nov 2017

United States Muslim Tied To Disgusting Operation In Egypt As Christians Targeted

A New Jersey woman hides behind her computer as she rallies terror against Christians in Egypt.

A New Jersey woman hides behind her computer as she rallies terror against Christians in Egypt.

A New Jersey woman hides behind her computer as she rallies terror against Christians in Egypt.

Many times, internet bullies hide behind the comfort of their computer screen. It easy to sling hateful words and post all sorts of offensive content from a remote location. Some of the harshest words about Christians in Egypt come from an astonishing source. These words are not coming from Egyptians themselves, but instead from a woman living in the United States.

Ayat Oraby moved to the United States in 1993 and presented herself as the new face of the liberal Muslim. She took a job in as an Egyptian newscaster and enjoyed financial success. She also enjoyed her status as a liberal, but secretly maintained extreme views. These views crept back onto her online presence, and now she is well-known for stoking the fires of violence overseas.

It is a fact that there is a great of violence towards Christians in Egypt. There are many that call for locals to act out against those who do not follow the Muslim faith. This includes Oraby. A recent report about terrorists in the region compared Oraby to the head of a spear as she incites violence in many parts of Egypt.

Oraby is masterful in her use of social media to work up locals. She is skilled in saying just the right things to create enough hatred towards Christians to bring many to the point of violence. She also uses the idea that these much-hated Christians need to be feared due to their reliance on gangs. She fails to mention the gang type violence she incites that sends them looking for protection.

While locals within Egypt are often arrested for this type of propaganda and hate speech, Oraby hides in her New Jersey home. Her efforts to support the violence in Egypt is also not something that is new. She was tied to a great deal of the online activity supporting the “Arab Spring.”

The Arab Spring was a period of both violent and non-violent protests that start on December 10, 2010. There were also a wide variety of riots, coups and even civil wars in both the Middle East and South Africa. This period of unrest ended in 2012, with most of the actors being arrested. Oraby was a significant part of the events in Egypt via her computer.

According to a recent news story:

“The only reason Oraby is the last one standing is because she lives in the U.S. All those in the Middle East who promoted the Arab Spring were arrested or went into hiding. But she lives in the U.S. and is enjoying the freedom and the protection of the left in the United States.”

Oraby has a great deal to say about what needs to happen in Egypt but avoids getting blood on her hands by working quietly in the United States. It is shocking that this is legal, but it seems to be covered by free speech. Her hatred towards Christians is often veiled in well-written passages and contain spiritual quotes. Even within that message. She makes it a point to say the Christians are less than Muslims as the “…Muslims are the food for the nations.”

In a recent passage online, Oraby equated Christians to gangs and even went as far as to say they act as if they were from the Middle Ages. In her own words she warned locals about this problem:

“The problem of the Christians in Egypt is that they follow the church gang. They believe that (Coptic Pope) Tawadoros the criminal, or any other criminal who will replace him, was selected by the Lord and speaks on His behalf. The church gang deceives its followers in this despicable way, just like a thief or a swindler from the Middle Ages.”

Oraby openly speaks of the need to boycott local Christian business and maintains that they as people are dangerous. The violence towards Christians continues in Egypt as recent events point to the fact that they may not be the group that needs to be feared. The murder of a priest by a young Muslim man on the street just last week reminds everyone of the real threat from Muslims in Egypt. The streets of Cairo are not safe for Christians. This violence is only made worse by the efforts of Oraby.