PUBLISHED: 7:22 PM 19 Jun 2017

United Nations Expert Submits Report, Claims Israel Is Responsible For Violence In Palestine


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is treated with far more respect by the United Nations than Israeli officials. An official U.N. reporter claims that Israel is responsible for Palestinian men’s propensity to beat their wives.

The United Nations human rights council continues to demonstrate an incomprehensible bias against Israel. The U.N. body that has refused to denounce the atrocities occurring in Venezuela, Cuba, and other countries that routinely trample on civil rights has repeatedly demonized the Israelis. A recent report submitted by a U.N. expert claims that Israel bears responsibility for the wife beatings happening in Palestine.

Islam encourages its followers to hit their wives. The religion idealizes men and paints women as dependent children who require a guiding male hand in life. A Muslim man is taught to beat his wife to keep her in line.

Yet, perhaps because they would rather promote Islam as the religion of “peace,” liberals insist on whitewashing Mohammad’s brutal teachings. According to Dubravka Simonovic, Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Muslims in Palestine can’t stop hitting their wives because of Israel.


The U.N. human rights council is overly concerned with Israel. Israel is treated like a corrupt nation while countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia are respected.

Simonovic’s report flirts with blaming Palestinian men for their violence before switching tactics and insisting that actually, all of Palestine’s problems are due to the “occupation.”

“Several testimonies the Rapporteur collected highlighted that the economic situation, the level of unemployment and the pressure of the occupation have a greater impact on women’s and children’s lives, making them more vulnerable to domestic violence, in particular in Gaza, due to the constant pressure felt by the blockade and the recurring cycles of conflict, and the overcrowding that limits their mobility and privacy,” she wrote.

The council’s bias against Israel is so deeply entrenched that the U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Nikki Haley, has threatened to withdraw.

“It is not Syria, where the regime has systematically slaughtered and tortured its own people. It is not Iran, where public hangings are a regular occurrence. It is not North Korea, where the regime uses forced labor camps to crush its people into submission. It is Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East,” she said in March.

During the council’s history, Israel has been loaded with far more reproaches than any other county. It’s absurd that the U.N. focuses so much attention on the Israelis. Simonovic’s attempt to absolve Palestinian men for beating their wives is so obviously partisan that it shouldn’t have been treated as a real report.


Pro-Israel demonstrators need to make their voices heard.

“While recognizing the imperatives related to security and stability in the region, the Rapporteur highlights the clear linkage between the prolonged occupation and [violence against women],” she wrote.

Israel is being demonized for protecting itself against Hamas. The conflict with Palestine is admittedly complex and doesn’t offer an easy solution, but to present Israel as the main aggressor is false and detrimental to relations between the two countries.

“Today’s actions in the council are yet another reminder of that body’s long-standing bias against Israel,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said after the U.N. levied another round of sanctions on Israel. “No other nation has an entire agenda item dedicated to it at the council. The continued existence of this agenda item is among the largest threats to the credibility of the council.”

The council’s credibility was shot when Saudi Arabia was allowed to be a judge of issues regarding women’s rights. The problem of women in Islam is illustrated nowhere as clearly as in Saudi Arabia, a fabulously wealthy country where women still aren’t allowed to drive. Saudi Arabian culture belies the liberal myth that Islam’s brutality springs from poverty.


President Tump has been demonized by the left for his allegiance to Israel.

“But when we are speaking about human rights responsibility and due diligence responsibility, then we are at a different level, because states have due diligence responsibility to prevent violence against women and to establish measures to prevent such violence; to punish perpetrators of violence and to provide compensation to victims,” Simonovic said of Israel.

If powerful states are responsible for protecting the world’s women, why isn’t the council going after the dozens of Middle Eastern, Asian, African, and Central American countries that treat women like chattel?