Dog Receives Unemployment

PUBLISHED: 12:28 AM 2 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 12:29 AM 2 Feb 2018

Unemployment Is For The Dogs, Pet Owner Receives Bizarre Letter From State

This was a colossal mix-up by the unemployment office. Fortunately the owner was honest.

One mailing about unemployment benefits will dog the agency for a very long time.

Whenever a societal safety net sees abuse, the results can be drastic. Money can be wasted, time can be spent for nothing, and the whole structure could collapse from it all. In Michigan, the unemployment system almost went to the dogs, and that is NOT a figure of speech.

Yahoo News has reported that “Michael Ryder had been approved for $360 every week in Michigan unemployment benefits.” Ryder is a German Sheppard owned by Michael Haddock who lives on the”other side of the state.”

Haddock got a letter regarding “Mr. Ryder” from Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency.

Likely quite confused, he contacted the agency about the mishap and that is how the whole error become known.

The agency claims that the computer sent the letter and that is was “flagged as suspicious and denied,” so at least no money went to the doggie (nor was it going to, it seems).

Investigator Tim Kolar took the mistake in jest and said that he knows “first-hand it is rare for ‘man’s best friend’ to contribute financially to the household and that will continue in this instance.”

As this story is absorbed, it does make some people’s minds wonder if there is anyone getting such benefits with animals somehow thought to be humans. While the scam would not be easy to pull off (or very wise), it stands to reason that someone has done it/is doing it. One would be in the doghouse if caught, but that threat has never stopped criminals in the past.

In the past, millionaires have duped the welfare system and have managed to walk away with a load of money before caught.

This means that, in all likelihood, there are those who did get away with crimes like this and fly right under the radar, at least for a period of time.

At least Michigan, a state recently called the best state in the union to live in, appears to have been prepared to stop the money from going to a dog, so for that, we have to throw them a bone.

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