PUBLISHED: 6:31 PM 20 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 11:07 PM 20 Mar 2017

Unbelievable: Washington Post Confirms North Korea Meeting In Motion, First Visit In Years


After decades of being a “hermit nation,” is North Korea coming out of its shell?

One of the more interesting nations in the world, by far and away, is North Korea. The nation, which exists in a constant state of “1952” in most aspects of style and in many cultural reflections, has locked itself away from almost all aspects of the modern world as if they were a small tribe in some forgotten realm of Africa. In reality, they are a now a nuclear-armed state (though shakily so says a record of failures) with a population of people who think that their leader was born under a double rainbow upon the Baekdu Mountain, that flowers bloom in the winter when he walks by, and that their “Dear Leader’s” dead grandfather – aka the “Eternal Leader” –  still runs the country with a literal influence, kind of like a ghost. No, it is not a joke.

The world has dealt with madmen before, so if North Korean President Kim Jong-Un wishes to lie to his people, mandate which haircut all people there may have, and have times where EVERYONE walks into the street and starts dancing (once done by mandate, but now the norm), who is America to care? Lots of cultures teach that their leaders are a “god,” and to be honest, a quirky nation the size of North Korea will never exist again. It would be something to watch with a confused, humorous joy – almost childlike or other-worldly – until one recalls the facts.  The facts are that Kim Jong-Un lives more lavishly than Donald Trump while his people starve and he tells them to eat tree bark, grass, and soil. Their prisons commit acts that can not be addressed in good company and which rival the cruelty of Stalin and Mao.

Even the fact that the nation’s capital has virtually no consistent electricity is not grounds for making war with a nation. The nation of North Korea has seen many sins overlooked, largely because the West had trusted China to reign in their “prodigal son,” but instead, China is acting more like Kim Jong-Un as of late. Now that North Korea has spent 7 years offering only one tour in one city (which is filled with vile hatred to the U.S. and calls for our death), aimed nuclear weapons at the U.S, and spent almost every day calling for destroying America (with HILARIOUS delivery), and broken every rule of nuclear decorum imaginable, they have coming to the United States…to talk.

Senior North Korean officials, the one that Kim Jong-Un has not yet killed or fired at with a battleship rocket, are coming to talk with former U.S. officials in what may be the biggest win yet for Donald Trump and his presidency. In just over a week North Korea has launched another missile test and its leader has killed yet another member of his family, his half-brother, having already killed his uncle.

In order for the U.S. to be willing to talk to the estranged state about any lifting of sanctions or more diplomatic relations, North Korea would have to agree to end its nuclear weapons program, something quite unlikely for a nation that have starved its people to the point of stunted growth just to make such weapons. Since formal talks have been given the name “2.0” for such occasions, and North Korea have not even been given visas or planned the talks beyond what is called “preparatory stages” in planning, these talks have been given the name “1.5 talks.” This is a sign that great caution is being applied on both sides.


In North Korea, 3 generations of family members may be locked up when one commits a crime. At NO POINT may they ask what they crime was, or they die.

The North Koreans have expressed an interest in engagement, but nothing’s been approved yet,” said a source who would only speak on the matter anonymously. “If this happens, I would take it as a very positive sign from both sides,” said still another. Even Donald S. Zagoria of the National Committee on American Foreign Policy who is the one setting up the talks refused to comment on the topic, and this is someone who helped oversee such talks with the Asian nation in times prior.

The talks would not include the State Department because North Korea is not yet recognized for formal talks, but if visas are given and the first round of discussions work in a positive direction, direct talks on an official level could easily follow. For president Trump, who ran on a platform of peace and who has seen a few lineup changes in his new administration, this could be a milestone achievement. Peace and a scaled back nuclear program with North Korea has long been a goal of American presidents. Much of the reason is because North Korea could be only a breath away from melting down its weapons-making labs such as the equally cash-strapped Soviet Union weapons makers did in Mayak.  Even wealthy nations like England have melted down weapons labs, how much so a nation that is eating bark for dinner?


The world is trying to stop North Korea from creating a Mayak situation by weapons testing gone wrong, such as England saw in Windscale and the Soviet Union saw in Mayak (pictured). The results last for eternity.

It is suspected that Choe Son Hui who is the director of the U.S. affairs department in North Korea’s Foreign Ministry, will head the talks, if they were to really to come to pass. American officials know her since she is the person who was chosen during prior 1.5 talks with the United States. She also has a direct line to Kim Jong-Un, according to Thae Yong Ho, a Deputy Ambassador who escaped North Korea and now resides in South Korea.

With war games scheduled for the coming months with South Korea, something that North Korea has brought upon itself with such constant threatening, talks could be hard to peacefully achieve. Still, Trump has not attacked North Korea other than to say that “we will take care of all of it,” and he also has said that North Korea will not get further with their nuke ambitions. Considering that North Korea would’ve long been toppled if not for China backing them and the war on terror distracting the world, perhaps they are just trying to preserve their dictatorship before it is removed from them.

Perhaps they are stalling as to better perfect the bomb.


Despite the rather humorous state of many cultural norms in North Korea, leader Kim Jong-Un is one of the, most evil, abusive men alive today.

This is why America elected a deal maker, not a career politician. Now is time to see peace achieved with North Korea and by proxy, the lives of those being beaten in prisons will improve as the abuse ends, or at least diminishes. Once they stop the abuse, food can be given and farming knowledge, bettering the lives of even more. If they then curb their nuclear ambitions and stop pointing their WMD at the U.S. while giving tours about how grand it would be to kill us, then maybe China will do the same. From there maybe even Americans will be dancing in the streets.