PUBLISHED: 8:07 PM 24 Apr 2017

Unbelievable: Both Major Parties Of France Defeated, Populism Moves To Consume All Of Europe

Le Pen is one of two candidates that just decimated the two standard parties, equivalent to the Democrats and Republicans being defeated by Greens and Libertarians if it were to happen in the U.S.A.

The world has had enough of being lied to. On the left, people are leaving their progressive parties in droves, having grown sick of being told that opened borders, sharia Islam, and one massive currency for everyone were functional ideas when they are not. On the right, many are leaving so-called “conservative” parties because they are frustrated with always being walked into wars, lied to about change, and having to police the globe. Populist’s and Nationalist’s are running as conservatives currently, but make no mistake, they are really independents who are absorbing many libertarian principles into a platform that praises sovereignty.

The two main opposing forces tend to be the “One World Government ” crowd of U.N. worshippers and those that want things like sovereignty respected and unilateral trade deals replacing things like NAFTA. That is the case in Europe today as the elections in France see populist Marine Le Pen nose to nose with “globalist-leaning centrist Emmanuel Macron,” according to Prison Planet. Both of them are moving onto the second round of voting in those French elections as the Socialist Party got utterly demolished. They took fifth, which is a much worse beating than even (comparable) Hillary Clinton did in America. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would NOT do well in the EU, if one is to read today’s news, that is for certain. (NOTE: Full results below this article)


Macron in France is currently leading the populist Le Pen as the two head into the second round of voting in May.

This is because Europe has already been down that route and have seen it fail horribly. Americans tend to sleep through state run history classes in public school or this would be much more widely known. It is noted that, while this will surely flux as the race moves onward, Macron and Le Pen lead at 23.7% and 21.7%. That means that though she is doing wonderfully, Le Pen could use a boost to best the “more of the same” candidate, by comparison. Le Pen would likely lead France wisely out of the EU, for instance, something that a globalist would never have the foresight to do. It is interesting to note that all of the feminists who claim to love and admire “strong women” are as quiet as sleep chambers when it comes to Ms. Le Pen. It appears that they only like such women when they are bankrupting the country to do so.

The good news is that both Les Républicains and the Parti Socialiste (Republicans and Socialists) who usually lead France got knocked out, suffering crushing defeats in the first round of voting. This is comparable to if both Sanders and Trump had run as third party candidates and both defeated Bush and Clinton. These two corrupt parties have lead France since World War II, according to the same article. The only downside is that just like the GOP has RINO‘s (Republicans in Name Only), so-called “outsiders” are really just the status quo with a few minor tweaks running as third party candidates. In America, we saw this in Jill Stein and the Green Party. This was also the case with Ralph Nader, a popular Green candidate prior to the rise of Stein.


Le Pen is called by many, the “female Trump of the E.U.”

Another parallel to the EU and America is that in the U.S, groups like Antifa call anyone who loves their nation and wants to secure the border a NAZI, so do groups exist in France. This has meant that police protection is being needed at voting stations. May 27th is to see the next round of voting and it can be reasoned that hate groups will be out stalking those that love France once again. The lie being spread is that “Nationalism” is what Hitler wanted, therefore those that praise the idea of taking care of one’s own nation first is hateful. The truth is that if Hitler was a real “Nationalist,” then he wouldn’t have invaded other nations.

Hitler was also a socialist, but those on the left conveniently forget this historical fact, but to be fair, that is not what made Hitler an enemy of mankind, either. Rather, the madman was a dictator and a fascist, and that is the lie used against populists like Le Pen. Since she wants a tight border to fight a radicalized Islamic faith that has promised to kill us, that is “just like Hitler” killing minorities. The truth is that there is a huge difference between monitoring who is in the nation and killing them in gas chambers. This is why groups like Antifa are such a huge disgrace to what it is that they claim to stand for. Radical Islam is the “new Hitler” and they do not even see it.


Le Pen recently told Lebanon officials that she would not cover her head for Islam. “Le Pen is mightier than the hijab” some have said.

The left is well aware of this, too. The fools running around in masks and beating people with differing views may not know any better (since they seem utterly lost in a cause that is backward), but for certain, those giving them funds and marching orders know. While it is not as simple as George Soros calling some hooded thug in the EU into his office to hand a pocket full of new $50s, this is not too far from what happens. These groups are funded all over the European Union because the NWO is terrified that people will understand that they don’t wish to be “European,” they want to again be “French,” for instance.

This does not mean that they hate other races or cultures, it doesn’t hint at wanting to start wars with other countries just because they don’t share the same currency, it simply means a departure from the “One World Government” that is being pushed down everyone’s throats. The U.N. decides by degree what is to happen and then every nation is expected to obey them. New taxes, less freedoms, and an ever worsening state is the outcome of these practices and the citizens are tired of being held back and harmed by their implementation.


Hitler in his own word regarding the topic of “socialism.”

Look for populism to be called “racism” even more as nations like Sweden, also get tired of being the target of every radicalized rapist who just strolled over from the Middle East with a pledge to harm everyone that they meet. To this end, all of those who love freedom in the world needs to hope that Le Pen moves from second to first place. Otherwise, Sweden could lose its title as “Rape Capital of the World” to the French in no time at all.

Full Results as of this publishing 4.24.2017 3:09 est according to Prison Planet;

Emmanuel Macron (centrist) 23.7%
Marine Le Pen (far-right) 21.7%
Jean-Luc Mélenchon (far-left) 19.5%
François Fillon (mainstream conservative) 19.5%
Benoit Hamon (mainstream liberal) 6.2%
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (nationalist) 5%
Jean Lassalle (centrist) 1.5%
Philippe Poutou (far-left) 1.2%
François Asselineau (nationalist) 0.8%
Nathalie Arthaud (far-left) 0.7%
Jacques Ceminade (centrist) 0.2%