UN Gun Ban

PUBLISHED: 9:39 PM 14 May 2018

UN Disarmament Affairs Launches Massive Gun Sweep Using Media, Laws

UN Disarmament Affairs Chief, Izumi Nakamitsu, outlined exactly how the UN will confiscate all guns from citizens around the world.

The United Nations Disarmament Affairs pushed for a massive gun sweep using media, and pushing for changed laws.

The United Nations has spent decades pushing gun control measures around the world. The international collective government organization seems to be of the opinion that only governments should have firearms, likely because the organization is a combination of the most corrupt governments on Earth. Much of their work in banning firearms comes from their International Action Network on Small Arms.

Today, the IANSA is finishing up their ‘Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence.’ The goal of the GWAAGV is to “advocate collectively for an end to illicit trade and misuse of small arms and light weapons.” In this case, they hoped to push for ‘adequate legislation’ by using the media to push a silent gun ban. This is exactly why America must remain a sovereign nation and not bow to foreign interests.

The ‘Programme of Action to Prevent, Combat, and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All Its Aspects’ (hereafter referred to as PoS) was one of the Week’s chief aims. The program does many things that most Americans would find questionable, but a few are worth specific mention.

Firstly, under the PoA, member states agree to ‘improve’ national small arms laws, import and export controls, and to engage in “cooperation and assistance.”

In other words, nations that partake in the program are expected to tighten their laws on ownership of firearms. They’re also expected to strictly enforce laws on the import and export of firearms, especially export of firearms for civilian markets.

These nations are also expected to ‘cooperate and assist’ other nations in enforcing their laws, and in some cases, help track firearms that were legally purchased.

In 2005, the PoA also adopted the ‘International Tracing Instrument’ (hereafter referred to as ITI). The ITI required member states that signed on to ensure weapons are “properly marked and that records are kept.”

Oh, and it demands that those countries also submit information for cooperation in ‘weapons tracing.’

So, nations that partake in the program are expected to submit their tracking information to other governments.

On their UN-funded website, the ‘network’ listed a few of their goals for the Week. Those goals include a number of things that Americans wouldn’t like, such as exercising more control over sales of ammunition, and increasing women’s participation in gun control.

It gets better still, though. The UN hoped to use this past week to “network with young people who are also concerned about gun violence and help amplify their voices,” pushing for national and international gun control efforts.

Does that sound like anything that happened recently? Perhaps like a ‘march’ for lives,’ the one that was allegedly planned by students and somehow received international media attention? A march that was actually pushed by gun control advocates, and whose attendees were almost entirely middle-aged, with an average age of 49 for the marchers?

It certainly doesn’t sound like this week was about the ‘illicit’ trade in weapons, but rather about the right to keep and bear arms and the UN’s disdain for it.

The UN made their stance on firearm rights abundantly clear during the week, when ‘Disarmament Affairs Chief’ Izumi Nakamitsu made a speech about the organization’s position.

In her speech on gun control, Nakamitsu declared that it was a lack of adequate laws that most contributed to gun violence, which she claimed accounts for 250,000 deaths every year.

She also said that the lack of job opportunities for youths, former gang members, and ex-combatants were responsible for gun violence around the world.

Apparently, the international chief of disarmament, whose entire job is to push for disarming civilians, thinks a lack of employment opportunities cause people to kill each other.

The Week, and the UN’s ongoing efforts, are part of Agenda 2030, which is a project to increase international control of firearms by 2030.

Most nations readily and happily kowtowed to the organization and their demands for greater control. There are few nations with a healthy respect for the human right to self-defense, and liberty from a tyrannical government.

The United States has thus far refused to cooperate with the United Nations and their demands, but leftists seem to think that the country should respect the demands of the international community.

To that end, leftists like Barack Obama and Eric Holder have spent years attempting to guilt the country into cooperation. During the Obama administration, the pair attempted to say that the United States had to institute tougher firearm laws, because American firearms were allegedly fueling Mexican cartel violence.

The fact was that of a small percentage of firearms turned over to American authorities for tracking, a fair percentage were from the United States.

But, far more firearms, never turned over to the United States, were from China, Africa, or other South American nations. A sizable number were even from the Mexican military.

The United Nations, knowing that Americans are not generally in favor of their plans, has mobilized to underhandedly push for gun control in the U.S. by utilizing our leftist media. Americans must be vigilant and take their rights seriously, or they will lose them.