20,000 Terrorists

PUBLISHED: 9:51 PM 9 Apr 2018

UK Finds 20,000 Possible Terrorists May Work On London Transport Network

Britain reveals up to 20,000 possible terrorists may work for the city.

Britain finds nearly 20,000 terrorists are likely working for London's transportation system.

A new report reveals there are roughly 20,000 potential radical Islamic terrorists who work for the transportation system in London, England, according to the Evening Standard.

The mass purge of potential terror suspects working for the transportation system is being carried out to protect citizens from future terrorist attacks.

Ben Wallace, Britain’s security minister, said the government purged radicals who “would pose a risk to London and its transport network.”

With open borders and mass migration policies, Wallace said the new extreme action is part of London’s new efforts to help police and intelligence agencies identify potential attackers.

Wallace said a portion of the 20,000 purged terrorists had a particular subset of characteristics: they were migrants from Syria who were actively seeking to “re-engage” in the Middle Eastern conflict.

But Wallace said the problem has expanded well beyond London, noting that members of the Islamic State terrorist group have had a major impact across Europe.

With historic levels of crime and London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan refusing to allow the public to arm themselves, Wallace warned that there are likely far more than 20,000 potential terrorists in the city.

With tens of thousands of radicals working for the massive transportation system, many fear terrorists could derail trains, place explosives, and carry out other attacks against innocent civilians.

He said that London officials first became aware of the glaring issue after the London Bridge attack last year. Following the attack, officials learned one of the three terrorists, Khurram Butt, had previously worked for London Underground and on the transportation system.

“We’ve done a lot of work over the last year about people working in sensitive areas who shouldn’t be, and removing their ability to do so,” Wallace said.

“It’s reducing the insider threat. There are definitely people who have worked in sensitive areas that we have now removed who would pose a risk to London and its networks of transport,” he added.

The report from London exposes exactly what President Donald Trump has been warning about for years.

Through extreme vetting, the Muslim ban, a border wall, and limiting migration to the U.S., Trump has been working to ensure America never faces the level of terrorism seen in London.