U.S. Special Forces Meet Their Match

PUBLISHED: 12:44 AM 23 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 6:32 AM 23 Jan 2018

U.S. Special Forces Meet Their Match, Trump Gets Massive Success Amid Democrat Rage

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd was pleased to find that US special forces gave their approval to several of the border walls with one being the front runner.

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd was pleased to find that US special forces gave their approval to several of the border walls with one being the front runner.

The nation of the United States has a serious problem on it southern border and measures need to be taken to fix it.  President Donald J. Trump made a campaign promise during the election race to fix this problem by building an American wall there.  Now that the prototypes are up near the border in San Diego, officials are pleased with the results, despite Democrats being livid, because U.S. special forces conducted tests on the prototypes and found that they were unable to defeat the wall.

The U.S. special forces have been conducting tests near the southern border in an attempt to find which of the wall prototypes is the most effective.  Although there are a total of eight potential designs, the special forces in charge of the tests were very impressed with a narrow few.  The wall must be able to withstand constant attempts at circumventing it as cartel and human traffickers will undoubtedly be doing everything possible to President Trump’s wall.

Much has been in question about the wall as Democrats and RINOs were hoping to weaken the president’s intentions with their latest attempt to hold the nation hostage.  The Schumer Shutdown, named after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), was an attempt to get the president and Republicans to fund the government by caving in on immigration demands and many were worried the wall would be compromised.

The weak security from failed administrations is forcing the United State to rethink their plans. Border Patrol agents were once handcuffed from doing their jobs but now under President Trump, they are being revigorated into to enforcing the law.

Like the lap-dogs that they are, the media has been relentlessly trying to spin the immigration debates in any way that could help favor the Democrats.  Ever since they have all been proven wrong about President Trump being elected, it seems almost as if they have made it personal by attacking him and his policies continually.  This was manifested last week as they tried to spin the immigration and budget debate into a demoralization campaign by trying to say that President Trump gave into demands, when in fact he still has not.

Headlines began pouring in that were suggesting that not only did President Trump abandon his campaign promise to build a wall, but that he gave into to Democrat demands for amnesty.  This of course turned out to be untrue but it was just a glimpse at how desperate the main stream media companies are to dismantle President Trump and demoralize his base.  The fact that the wall is going to be built and that it is going to work is an unthinkable thought for the Democrats in power but it is the reality they face.

This is no longer going be a weak chain linked fence designed to be laughed it.  No longer will human and drug traffickers laugh as they lazily cross the border and hold people hostage in the process.  The days of coyotes abusing and manipulating their desperate clients into financial or sexual favors are over.  The wall is going to be built and those abusing the border will no longer be laughing.

The prototypes are up and have been tested. Now it seems only a matter of funding the wall and then constructing it. Get it funded and get it built, anything less is crockery. The second from the right is the current front runner.

The officials were pleased to find that the wall prototype they were most anxious about is indeed the best fit for the wall.  The best one in their opinion will have visual component at the bottom of the wall that allows for the agents on the U.S. side to see their targets approaching. It will also feature a rounded top in order to prevent any grappling hooks or rope climbing from taking place.

The most advanced wall will allow agents to see their target approaching rather than having to wait until the criminals get to the top in order to stop them.  This will allow the border agents to assess the situation and deal with it before the situation becomes dangerous.  The only thing that worries someone like myself as a citizen is the criminals’ ability to fire their weapons at responding agents.

The fact that the United State special forces have given their approval to the wall puts worried minds to rest.  One is not saying that there will never be an illegal crossing again or that cartel members will stop trying to gain access to the nation.  However, one should understand that a wall of this magnitude is going to put a serious thorn in the sides of those who are looking to abuse the United States via its southern border.

The border is left open in many areas and empowers criminals into committing heinous crimes. Once the wall is built and deportations are truly underway, the nation can begin to heal from decades of abuse taking place.

The wall is going to be built.