PUBLISHED: 2:46 AM 15 Feb 2017

U.S. Senators Blasting Trump: Private Email Account, Unsecured Phones, Mishandled Documents


Trump has come under fire for leaks and security issues as of late.

One of the most assured ways to take down an enemy is to attack them where they are most vulnerable. That is why sanctions on food are always given to North Korea since they can not grow food. The Democrats have learned this lesson well and are sadly using it to ruin rather than assist a sitting U.S. president. Donald Trump as America’s leader has seen amazing success with Carrier, the ending of the TPP (which was hated by most sides of the debate), his first meeting with Japan’s Shinzu Abe, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and even the far left Ninth Circuit Court.

Beyond that, in less that two months Trump has shown his kindness in keeping with 50,000 refugee’s that Obama has allowed in (before he tried to double the number unfairly on Trump). The president has even risked the wrath of China to extend a bit of pride to the abused people of Taiwan by talking to their leader with respect shown to a nation that sees little of it. All of the human rights crowd were shown more kindness in that one act than Obama, Clinton, or either Bush showed to the brave nation that used America as it’s template for freedom and rebellion.


Two Democrats are questioning how Trump handled a briefing about North Korean violence while in Florida.

The one area that Trump has shown signs of uncomfortable vulnerability is in the realm of security and leaks. Unfortunately, no fair-minded conversation can be had about Trump’s performance without addressing how severe some of these leaks have been. Two ranking Democrats have leaped at Trump like tigers pouncing on a stumbling gazelle. Tom Carper and Claire McCaskill have cited;

  • Donald Trump’s use of a personal, unsecured smartphone
  • the White House being in possession of private Republican National Committee (RNC) email accounts
  • Reports that Trump or his administration did not handle sensitive documents properly while in Mar-a-Lago, Florida.

This combined with the fact that Flynn was just shown the door for being less than forthright about his talks with Russia regarding sanctions does not make for Donald Trump’s finest moment. Still, it is interesting to note that the same Democratic Party that saw more beaches in security with their candidate Hilary Clinton than Donald Trump could ever commit if he were to win a second term are the first to cast stones towards the president. It was even Democrat favorite Bill Clinton himself who allowed such a horrible security flaw to happen that China now has nuclear weapons that they did not know how to build prior pointed at us as a result.


The same Democrats were willing to forgive Clinton for massive errors in the handling of information look to hang Trump for his minor ones.

The two Democrats are saying that if Donald Trump used those private email accounts, then according to federal law, he needed to keep those conversations logged as outlined in the Presidential Records Act. They are saying also that the RNC told a purposeful lie when they said that they did not have any such email lists and Newsweek produced a screenshot of it. Upon seeing the screenshot, the RNC said that the account was for nothing more than “distribution lists,” something that is not much more serious than a small oversight, if true. Regardless, the RNC took the hint and deleted the account.

Trump was reported to have begun using a government cell phone that was properly encrypted upon taking office and shedding his personal phone, but it appears as if he has been spotted with the same phone, according to some reports. He is also being attacked for having an unsecured Twitter account, but even though nations have foolishly come close to war over fake news or hacks on that social platform, concerns about Trumps Twitter account is pretty much just Democrat nitpicking. As for the phone, sorry Mr. Trump, but that was a screwup. If true, this needs to be rendered very quickly.


Trump has been using a phone is not properly encrypted, according to some reports.

While it is important for the President to have the ability to communicate electronically, it is equally important that he does so in a manner that is secure and that ensures the preservation of presidential records,” Carper and McCaskill wrote. “The National Archives and Records Administration considers President Trump’s tweets to be records that must be adequately documented, preserved, and maintained for historic purposes, as required by the Presidential Records Act.” The bad news for Trump is that, while few things that Democrats say can be seen as truthful, they have a point in this. That said, Trump has not achieved all that he has by not fixing that which is broken, and with even leaks of his tax records falling into the hands of Wikileaks in ANOTHER alleged SNAFU, Trump is not unwise enough to dispel the worries of the opposing party just because they oppose him.

If such were true, then Trump would not have had his success with the TPP (a “feel the Bern” issue) or the liberal Ninth Circuit. However, the time is now. Even Babe Ruth struck out at the plate, and with as many home runs as Trump has hit, America is willing to forgive a leader as long as the game is not lost, to follow the analogy. So America can look for a few changes coming in the very near future. Sadly, since Trump is not likely to be in the mood to forgive leakers, Snowden can all but forget his pleas for help from Trump.


With so many leaks, Edward Snowden is not likely going to be seeing much forgiveness from Donald Trump. Still, being an IT guy, it does make one wonder who is on Trumps IT team.

Since Trump’s cell phone has internet access and can be hacked (even the NSA director has tape on his camera, it is said), the president using his phone as a flashlight in Florida to read sensitive data is also nothing short of careless. The briefing was about North Korea’s missile test and should have been handled, the two Democrats say, with a bit more care. Since some members in attendance were on Facebook making matters worse, they said ““It is as inconceivable as it is troubling that our president and his advisors found it appropriate to discuss matters of our national security in an open and clearly accessible environment.

They went on to urge the president to take these matters into account, which to be fair, should have been the role of Trumps IT pointy heads. Did Trump hire his own people or are these the same people that allowed so many beaches under Obama? It can not be imagined that the whole IT department changes every election since that would mean sending a lot of skilled people out to do coding that would know how the government codes everything. Since such issues are most likely classified or something close to it, the average person may never know the answers to these IT questions (unless they leak), but suffice to say that someone except Trump was asleep at the wheel here.

This is not the end of the world, but it is a small quake that should shake the administration enough that we won’t likely see too many more errors like this considering what we know of Donald Trump It is very likely that whoever works under Trump and gets a summons to the Oval Office in the coming days are only going to hear two very famous words…



….two words that a lot of people are going to be hearing Trump say in the coming days.