U.S. Unveils Cyber Attacks Against North Korea

PUBLISHED: 5:15 PM 20 Feb 2018

U.S. Plans To Use Cyber Warfare Against North Korea

The U.S. plans to use cyber warfare against North Korea regime to neutralize regime.

The U.S. plans to use cyber warfare against North Korea.

A new report suggests that the United States is “laying the groundwork” to unleash a brutal cyber-warfare campaign against North Korea in the first shot against the regime.

In a report from Foreign Policy, reporter Jenna McLaughlin said six U.S. intelligence officers told her that the U.S. military is currently preparing to use cyber attacks against Pyongyang and the regime’s missile programs.

“The U.S. government for the past six months has covertly begun laying the groundwork for possible cyber attacks against North Korea in countries including South Korea and Japan,” McLaughlin wrote.

She added: “This process involves installing fiber cables as bridges into the region and setting up remote bases and listening posts, where hackers may attempt to gain access to a North Korean Internet that’s largely walled off from external connections.”

U.S. officials revealed the intelligence community is advancing its capabilities to win the war outside of the battlefield, and that attacking North Korea’s technology sectors could send an undeniable message that the U.S. is the most powerful and capable nation on the planet.

With the growing threat of North Korea launching a missile, which could be armed with a nuclear weapon, it has forced the U.S. into neutralizing the regime now before it escalates even further.

National security officials are confident in the United States’ ability to wreak havoc on the rogue regime with a cyber warfare assault.

In doing so, the U.S. cannot only use our cyber capabilities to target their cryptocurrency reserves that fund their military projects, but also hack their missile technology systems and shut down missiles.

While former President Barack Obama allowed North Korea to bolster its missile arsenal and nuclear capabilities for years, President Donald Trump’s administration is unrolling brutal measures to remind Kim Jong Un and his regime that the U.S. is done playing games.

Trump has made it very clear to North Korea that his administration will not allow the regime to threaten the U.S. or carry out actions aimed at harming the U.S.

Source: Foreign Policy