Judge Approves Border Wall

PUBLISHED: 4:32 PM 28 Feb 2018

U.S. Judges Rules In Favor Of Trump’s Border Wall

A federal judge ruled in favor of allowing Trump's border wall to enter the next phase of construction.

Judge rules in favor of Trump's wall.

A federal judge that President Donald Trump once called a “hater” ruled in favor of his administration moving forward with construction on the San Diego border wall.

On Tuesday, Judge Gonzalo Curiel ruled that the Department of Homeland Security can lawfully waive environmental protections to build the wall along the southern border.

Liberals in San Diego filed a lawsuit against DHS to prevent the border wall from being built because they argued it was toxic and harmful for the environment.

DHS fought back against the frivolous lawsuit and won the case in court because it proved the existing fence in San Diego, California is “no longer optimal for border patrol operations.”

The ruling is also making national headlines because Curiel is the same judge who presided over the case that resulted in Trump settling with students who attended Trump University.

At the time, which was at the height of the 2016 presidential election, Trump called Curiel a “hater” and insinuated he was biased because of his Mexican heritage.

Trump speculated that the judge would rule against him because of his tough stance on illegal immigration and desire to build a border wall.

Fortunately, Curiel didn’t allow an insignificant kerfuffle to cloud his judgment, and he ruled in accordance with the law.

There’s no logical or scientifically supported argument to support the liberal claim that a concrete wall would have any effect on the environment.

There are tens of thousands of buildings and barriers in the country made of concrete, yet liberals aren’t triggered and offended by those.

This was another ploy to prevent Trump from building the wall, and it backfired badly for Democrats.

Liberals lost another battle to Trump and it paved the wave for DHS to begin the next phase of the wall to prevent illegals and criminals from infiltrating our nation.

The president promised to protect this nation by whatever means are necessary, and now we are one major step closer to seeing that big, beautiful wall!

Source: Axios